3" Club Classic Boxwood & Acacia Chess Pieces

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Traditional Style Chess Pieces
Mid Sized Classic Chess Pieces   

Sometimes you can't beat a bit of classic. These traditional-style chess pieces are amongst the most favoured chess pieces online. This is the preferred style of tournament and club players.  

Carefully hand-carved and turned using quality Boxwood and Acacia wood, these wooden chess pieces are also weighted and felted for a grand playing experience. 

Each chess piece starts with the artisan handpicking the kiln-dried timber to begin the art of creating a full set of wonderfully traditional chess pieces. 

Each piece is carefully inspected before the polishing process begins. The crafters then add shellac polish and buff up each piece (32 in total!) Finally, green felting is added to the base of each piece to protect your chessboard and ease of movement in gameplay.

King Height: 3" 

32 Hand-Carved Traditional Chess Pieces 

Cleaning Cloth
Three Year Warranty as Standard

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