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ChessMaze Launches Limited Edition Chess Sets

Those who know how to play chess are aware of the brain-storming excitement and entertainment involved in this sport. This indoor game has enthralled everyone with its brain stimulating exercise. Those who play it have their own reasons to play chess, some play it for excitement, some play if for entertainment and some enjoy its ability to sharpen the mind. There are professional chess players who have won over the world by their unique moves. The good thing about this sport is that you do not need much to start a game, just a chess board and sets of chess pieces will do. It hardly takes much space than you can sit comfortably. But those who love chess, love their chess boards and chess pieces more than anything. They strive to acquire the best of chess boards and chess pieces and feel proud to possess a really unique chess set.

Chessmaze International, the premium online chess seller in the UK has announced the launching of its new limited edition chess sets online on its website ChessMazeInternational.com. Some of the sets are really hard to resist a buy, such as Andalusian Blood Rosewood Chess set, 4.25 Inch king wears ineffable beauty. The company has produced only 250 sets of this design to be sold worldwide. These beautiful hand carved chess set is proud of its possessor. Other limited editions of chess sets include Unicorn Blood Rosewood, Championship Boxwood Chess, Excalibur Ebony Chess Set, Pendragon Knight Ebony Chess set, Antiqued Bowing Knight Ebony Chess Set, and more.

“These Limited Edition chess sets have been designed and hand carved by world’s most prolific chess workshops,” says Manager of Chessmaze International, “and each design is registered with the UK copyright office” he adds. These limited edition chess boards are a real hunt for serious chess set collectors and are going prove unique and precious gifts for those who have an eye for the beauty of these sculptures. The company Chessmaze International is in business for many years and has earned a good reputation as a chess product retailer in the industry. “We have got a wide range of chess products including one from ordinary chess set costing as little as £29.95 to extraordinarily limited edition chess sets worth thousands of pounds,” says the Manager.

The product list at the site include various exclusive items that customers do not often get on ordinary chess stores such as hand-painted chess pieces

“Besides these limited edition chess sets, we also possess economy class chess sets and games and some best value chess sets and boards are also on the list. Check out our website for special offers, if that is what you are looking for” informs the manager. The site has got really good stuff for those who love to play chess or want to learn it.