Travel Chess Sets

Travel Chess Sets

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    3 products
    10" Folding Magnetic Handmade Wooden Travel Chess Set -  CHESSMAZE STORE UK
    10" Folding Magnetic Handmade Wooden Travel Chess Set
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    Hand Made Magnetic Folding 14" Chess Set -  CHESSMAZE STORE UK
    Hand Made Magnetic Folding 14
    Hand Made Magnetic Folding 14" Chess Set
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    Travel Chess Sets For Sale  

    An excellent range of Travel and Folding Chess sets is available to buy in a variety of sizes and materials. Since our establishment in 1993, we have been providing our customers with unrivalled quality chess sets and boards. So whether you are looking for a chess set to take abroad with you, or you are looking for a luxury chess set to feature in your study- you can count on us to have exactly what you are looking for.

    Should I Buy A Cheap Travel Chess Set? 

    As you know, there are numerous styles and options available to choose from when it comes to buying cheap chess sets online. If you are an avid chess player who takes pride in the quality of your chess set, then you are most likely pondering; should I take the chance and buy a cheap chess set?

    • We offer amazing budget chess sets that are available in various colours and styles 
    • Our cheap chess sets require minimal maintenance. So, if you take care of your chess pieces then they are likely to last you a very long time and stay in superb condition. 
    • Cheap doesn’t mean we scrimp on quality. All of our budget chess sets are expertly handcrafted using choice woods including maple, acacia and mahogany!  

    Should I buy a wooden or plastic chess set?

    Often, people purchase plastic chess sets as they presume they are the cheapest option available to them. Often this can be true, however, what if we told you that you can buy a wooden chess set of high quality for the same price if not cheaper? If you would jump at the chance to own an affordable wooden chess set and could do with more reasons as to why you should, then read our list of reasons below:  

    • Wooden chess sets offer a more comfortable game experience.
    • Wood pieces are more suited to being ‘felted and weighted’ than their plastic opponents. 

    What Are The Best Travel Chess Sets To Buy?

    So you’ve decided that you would like your cheap chess set to be crafted from wood, so you are now most likely thinking; what options are available to buy online? What one should I purchase? You know that weighted and felted are one of the options available to buy, however, there are so many more budget chess sets to consider! let’s take a look 

    If you're travelling on business or for pleasure, a Travel Chess Set can be an excellent choice. These sets have many advantages over traditional chess sets, including their size and flexibility. They can fit into a small purse or even fit into an aeroplane tray. Plus, they're lightweight, making them easy to take along on vacations. Here are some of the best ones on the market. They are perfect for both professional and amateur players alike,  travel Chess Sets are great for frequent travellers. They are ideal for chess parties and are also a great source of entertainment. They can be played on aeroplanes, trains, and even on boats. Many travel chess sets come in various sizes, but all of them fit comfortably into the palm of your hand.

    Magnetic Travel Chess Sets are another popular choice. They feature a 12-inch chess board and magnetic pieces. The magnetic pieces prevent unwanted movement and the boards are made of boxwood or Babul. Magnetic Travel Chess Sets don't sacrifice aesthetics. Magnetic chess sets are good for home display, too. In fact, magnetic chess sets are so durable, that you won't have to worry about scratching or chipping the board.

    Most Travel Chess Sets are designed to fold between the fourth and fifth ranks. Folding is better for portability. However, some don't. The 10" magnetic chess set is one example of travel set with folding. It also has a flat, smooth playing surface. So, if you're travelling, be sure to pack the suitable Travel Set for your trip.

    Portable Travel Chess Sets come in various sizes. Choose one that will fit in a purse or briefcase. The smaller size is great for plane travel or games with a travelling partner. Just make sure you're aware of the weight of your travel chess set. Some of them are much heavier than others and may fall over while you're playing! However, you should still take the weight of the board into consideration when buying a Travel Chess set.

    A travel Chess Set should have a sturdy playing surface and durable plastic pieces. If you don't want to worry about breaking your set, look for a set that folds flat. The 14" Folding Magnetic Travel Chess Set is one example of a high-end travel chess set. It's made of durable wood and The 12" drawer Magnetic Travel Chess Set is a lightweight option that is easy to carry.

    When buying a travel chess set, remember that the materials used for the pieces should be durable enough to withstand travel. Some are made of plastic instead of wood and aren't as decorative as the wood set. Most Travel Chess Sets come with convenient storage options. Many of them can be folded for easy storage. If you're on a budget, look for one that includes a set that can be stored flat.