ChessMaze Design Team

ChessMaze International the UK's leading chess supplier are not simply another chess retailer. We differ from other chess companies in that we have an in-house team of dedicated designers, constantly pushing the boundaries of excellence in the refinement of existing Staunton chess set designs and creating new exciting chess sets. Our director/Proprietor Carl Miceli is pinnacle in choosing new product lines for the company. His expertise in this field is second to none. Carl meets with the artisans each year to discuss the many facets of new design and making improvements where possible.

Limited Edition Chess Sets Genuine?

There is a trend among chess retailers to offer limited editions chess sets, and why not? After all investing in a chess set that will appreciate in value is not such a bad idea. Some antique chess sets fetch healthy amounts on the open market, therefore investing now in a leading brand name is a sound idea. That said however, how do you know your limited edition set is actually limited? Well we cant guarantee other retailers are quite so honest as Chessmaze, what we can guarantee is we offer the genuine article! Chessmaze supplies 100% genuine Limited Edition sets, all of which are registered as such with the UK’s Copyright Office. Our designs are unique and available only through approved distributors. Why are we stressing this? It’s because not all the competition is quite so genuine.

Chess buyers guide for dummies

We receive many telephone calls and emails asking for advice in choosing a chess set. For the novice buyer there is much to consider. So here we have listed a short brief which may assist you in your quest for the perfect chess set. Find pieces and a chess board that look good together. You want to look at the coloring and what type of the dark pieces in your chess set in a dark playing squares of the chess board and in of course matched them appropriately.