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Explore our range of beautifully hand-crafted chess boards in a variety of different styles, sizes, and materials. Our catalogue features everything from Italian Made Wooden Chess Boards to Traditional style Tournament chess boards. Whatever aesthetic you are trying to achieve, you can be sure to find your desired chess board here at ChessMaze UK.  


What Makes Wooden Chess Sets So Popular?

It comes as no surprise that wooden chess sets are favoured amongst professionals and amateurs alike, but what we want to know is, what makes them so popular?

Wooden chess sets offer the most traditional style, which aids in their popularity. With high-quality woods being worked to create beautiful chess sets and boards, the wooden chess sets on offer really have a luxurious aesthetic and feel. Using vicarious styles of inlay and carving methods allows for each chess piece and chess board to have their own identity. Amongst the favourite colours are boxwood, Rosewood and of course, Ebony.

Wooden chess sets are also favourable for chess tournaments, the reason being, are they allow for easy positioning, elegant moves and are the perfect size for travel. Tournament chess sets are often Staunton Pattern as standard - they look lovely, have intricately detailed carvings and they ensure a quality game experience...what more could you wish for?

Numerous Varieties Of Wooden Chess Sets Available?

When you are on the hunt for a wooden chess set, usually two styles come to mind, Luxury and Economy. Based on their quality, the category of Luxury and Economy sets can be differentiated by their quality and how they are crafted. For example; hand-carved wooden chess sets are usually much higher in quality than a wooden chess set that has been machine-made, these styles of chess sets are usually cheaper in price and quality, however, they are often purchased as chess club sets and or beginner sets. 

Hand Crafted Wooden Chess Pieces

The reason Hand-crafted wooden chess sets are pricey is that each individual piece will have been hand carved by hand by world-renowned craftsmen from across the globe. Wooden chess pieces are usually carved from one singular block of choice wood, and usually differ piece to piece due to them all being hand made and not created via machine. similarly, the same process happens during the craft of wooden chess boards. Though these are created square by square.
Handcrafting a wooden chess set takes a lot of man-hours, meaning they take a lot longer to produce than machine-made chess sets and pieces. This also means that they tend to be more expensive to purchase. When you see the amazing craftsmanship and quality of the hand-made products, you will understand their desirability.

Machine Made Wooden Chess Sets

If you are looking for a cheap chess set, the likelihood of it being created by Machine technique is high. The wooden chess pieces are created by machines from moulds, similar to 3d printers. Unlike the hand-carved chess pieces, each machine made chess piece will be more or less identical. This style of chess sets is always less expensive, due to them being able to be mass-produced with cheaper materials

Whether you decide to invest in a hand-crafted or machine-made chess combination is at your discretion and usually down to personal preference in appearance and budget.

Why Purchase A Wooden Chess Set From ChessMaze UK?

When it comes to top-quality chess sets, ChessMaze is unrivalled. We have been in business since 1993 and hold years of experience in the chess industry. We believe that quality is key, and high-quality materials play a massive part when it comes to purchasing a wooden chess set that is going to last.

With every purchase made at ChessMaze UK, we guarantee quality. Our range of wooden chess sets varies from fine wooden sets crafted from Acacia, Sheesham, Rosewood and Ebony. We also stock a large range of economy chess sets which means we have a broad chess catalogue that suits every style and budget.
Our 7” magnetic travel chess sets help you look forward to long-haul journeys and work commutes, whereas our felted and weighted chess sets allow you to have seamless and luxurious gameplay. Whether you are looking for travel chess sets, tournament chess sets or high-quality chess sets, you can count on ChessMaze UK to supply only the finest quality chess sets in the UK.