What are the components of a Chess Set?

Every serious chess player should have a good set of chess pieces. A complete chess set can be purchased as a package. This is the easiest and most efficient way to get a cohesive, matching set of chess pieces. You could purchase each piece individually, but it might take years to find the perfect chess pieces for your custom chessboard. It may also take longer time to find a box that will hold all those pieces. It is easier to just purchase them all . This way, you can be sure they will look great together and everything will fit. These are the components of a typical chess-set:

The Board

The chessboard serves as both the foundation and the base of the game. Its unique checkered square design makes it distinctive among other game boards. This is why it has become an iconic symbol. Everyone who has ever seen it knows exactly what it's for. You can make chessboards from wood, plastic, glass or stone and in many colours.

The Pieces

Without chessmen, it would be difficult to play chess. Every chess set includes a set of pieces. They are based on the classic Staunton pattern, the most well-known style of chess pieces. It is also the only one that is accepted in tournament play. There are also unique sets with themed pieces that can be used to make a spooky chess set.

The Box

Some pre-made chess sets include chess boxes. Others don't. The chess box is our favourite part of a good set. Although it isn't essential for gameplay, it can be useful to keep everything in one place.



Are Chess Masters Born?

Chess is a fascinating game, as the skill level involved is easily measured. A rating system in chess is used to determine the chance that a player will win. If two players have equal ratings, they each have a 50% chance to win the game. A player rated 200 ELO points higher than the other has a 75% chance to win the game.

It's normal to wonder what made a high-rated player so skilled at chess. Two master-level players can play a blitz match in minutes that looks like a piece of art. It is admirable to see each one make beautiful moves in a matter of seconds. We mortals often wonder: "How can I do that?" These thoughts are not uncommon. However, research has shown that a lot of skill comes from continuous practice. It doesn't matter if someone is gifted, they still need to practice and dedicate hours. It is evident that great talent is not worth much if you lack a work ethic.

Magnus Carlsen: 'You need to be very fortunate to be No 1 in fantasy  football' | Magnus Carlsen | The Guardian

A chess master and psychologist, demonstrated that master players could recognize patterns on the chessboard more quickly than non-masters. Master players performed significantly better than non-masters when they were asked to remember a pattern of pieces that looked like a real game. They did not do as well as the amateurs when asked to remember a random selection of pieces. His research revealed that masters knew thousands of patterns from their previous experiences. 

They had a huge advantage over less skilled players because of this subconscious database. How do we build our chess memories? Learn strategic and tactical patterns. These patterns will become part your mental memory as you continue to study them. Suddenly, you'll get an idea or an inspiration while playing one of your games. This is your work experience. You will learn more patterns and you may be able to play games that are truly art.