4.25" Bath Design Boxwood & Ebony Prestige Chess Pieces

ChessMaze UK

£616.85 £949.00


Luxury Hand-Carved Wooden Chess Pieces 

Includes Chess Piece Storage Case 

Expertly sculptured from the finest quality, hand-selected, and ethically sourced boxwood and ebony. These stunning chessmen have been largely inspired by the original Staunton design. These chessmen ooze quality and are at the absolute height of luxury chessmen. 

The intricate detail of each chess piece, not only offers a visual delight but their perfectly weighted bodies and billiard cloth bases make them a pleasure to play with too.

King Height: 4.25"

Hand-Carved With Solid Precious Ebony Wood
Intricate Detailing
4 Queens as Standard
Core Weighted for Perfect Balance
Luxury Billiard Cloth Bases
Quality, Felt-Lined, Press-Stud Storage Box

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