Jaques Style Black Walnut Chess Set & Burl Box




A Traditional Staunton design Chess men in stained black hardwood & natural Boxwood, this exellent set with high level of detail in the hand carving is great value.
With a King height of 77mm (3.00 inches)  felted and double weighted, this polished set will look great on display

The Walnut Chessboard is a perfect platform for battle.

This our entry level chess board has been expertly crafted using walnut and maple veneers. It has clean and crisp inlaid squares a robust chess board that will provide years if not decades of use.

17 Inch x 17 Inch with square size 1.75 Inch (approx)

 A very Well made solid chess piece storage box.  Root wood burl veneer with solid construction at its core. Chrome lock adds to the aesthetics. The interior is fully felt lined.

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Wood Staunton Chess Sets and Boards

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