Fierce Knight Shisham Mahogany Chess Set

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The light set Staunton-style pieces are crafted out of premium boxwood whilst the dark set pieces are made with shesham wood. Each piece is polished, felted and weighted to create premium looking pieces which feel great in the hand and are a pleasure to play with.

With a King height is approx 3.25 (approx) " this set is a premium chess set priced at excellent value. A standard mahogany box is also included.

Chess Board

The chess board is made with inlaid mahogany and sycamore veneers to create a beautiful looking board thanks to the earthy colours and natural wood grains. The playing surface is polished for exceptional smoothness to enhance playing.

19 Inch Mahogany and Sycamore Chessboard
2.00" square sizes 

standard box is included.