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Chess Sets and Boards of the finest quality is what ChessMaze has been supplying customers for over a decade. If you are looking for the finest in Staunton Chess Sets at competitive prices then you have found the UK's number one supplier. We also have a lowest price match guarantee, ensuring the customer is getting the best sets and the very best prices. All this and Free Delivery-Why settle for anything less? 

Est 1993- ChessMaze International is the UK's largest online retailer of chess sets, chess pieces, chess boards, chess clocks, and accessories. You have arrived at the UK's most recognized and reputable chess supplier who boast a huge range of hand-carved chess sets. Our entire product range is stocked at our UK based warehouse. Free Standard Delivery  


    The size of chess pieces in relation to the chess board is mostly a matter of personal taste. Tournament play is the exception since very clear specifications are given for piece sizes and boards. ECF (English Chess Federation) equipment standards are outlined in their rules and are covered in another article we have written. For chess pieces, ECF specifies a King that measures between 3 3/8" to 4 1/2" with a base diameter of 40-50% of the height. The proper square size for a set of good Staunton chess pieces is such that the width of the base of the King should be 78% of the width of a square. So, divide the King's base diameter by 0.78 and you get the proper square size. We hope this helps you choose the perfect chess set, should you need any additional help feel free to contact us.         


Our wooden chess sets and boards come from a wide variety of countries including Germany, India, Poland, Spain, and many more. Our site offers secure shopping and an easy to use format to find what you are shopping for. ChessMaze a company offering many years of experience in chess sets and associated product retailing. Our aim is to establish a clients needs and service that to the best of our ability. Our catalogue of chess sets and accessories is very extensive including economy chess sets, hand-painted sets, luxury sets and we're sure you’ll find the items you require. If there is any item you are looking for and cannot find it on the site, do contact us.



One of the reasons for our continued success is our invested time and effort in maintaining high levels of quality control. How is this achieved? Patience is key here, as we take in our overseas consignments, each product is carefully checked and repackaged. Our aim is to minimize customer complaints and focus our efforts on providing the highest quality chess sets and boards at competitive price points. Our stringent methods are backed by a solid no quibble 30-day returns policy. Rest assured of our commitment to customer service and after-sales support. 


Most Recent Feedback

Dear Lisa,

I felt compelled to write a short note to you to thank you so much for Deluxe Chess Set and board that you sent to me. Being an ex-chess player I have some idea of classic sets and quality. It was for my partner's son who has just graduated as a Doctor from the University of Oxford after six years of study.

I sourced you on the internet and required next day delivery. I was delighted with everything from your immediate response to my e-mail inquiry, your handling of my purchase, through to the ultimate timely delivery of the excellent set. It is so unusual these days to get such a personal service. This testimonial would not be complete without a mention of the price. Seemingly on the basis of my obvious disappointment that you had sold out of my chosen set, you offered a substantial upgrade for the same price. I got the Rolls Royce when I could only afford the top end Mini!

Incidentally, your care in packing was worth it. Nothing left to chance. This was a fitting present for my Partner's son on possibly one of the greatest achievements of his life. I will certainly be returning to you again, hopefully when my partner's second son (of four) graduates next year. Oh, and possibly for some books etc when I need to brush up on my own skills a little. These youngsters are quick learners!

Thanks again. Adrian 


Stockists of the English Chess Company range of quality chess sets, The Chess Factory original limited edition designs and the prestigious Inspired by Staunton Collection. No other Chess Set retailer offers the diverse range of quality and unique chess set designs as ChessMaze International. 

We differ from other chess companies in that we have a team of dedicated designers, constantly pushing the boundaries of excellence in the refinement of existing Staunton chess set designs and creating new exciting chess sets. Our director/Proprietor Carl Miceli is the pinnacle in choosing new product lines for the company. His expertise in this field is second to none. Carl meets with the artisans each year to discuss the many facets of new design and making improvements where possible.

We have had an online chess shop since 2003!  Present day we are the UK's number one suppliers of tournament chess sets, chess pieces, chess boards, chess clocks and related board games. We also have an interest in the US market with our associate sister site. Stockists of leading brand names, such as the English Chess Company™ and the prestigious Official Staunton ™ range of Limited Edition Chess Sets.