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Chess Sets

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    55 products
    Old English 3.75" Black Chess Pieces, 20" Anegre Chessboard & Vinyl Storage Box -  CHESSMAZE STORE UK
    Old English 3.75
    Old English 3.75" Black Chess Pieces, 20" Anegre Chessboard & Vinyl Storage Box
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    15" Mahogany Drawer Chess Set with Classic Black Chess Pieces -  CHESSMAZE STORE UK
    15" Mahogany Drawer Chess Set with Classic Black Chess Pieces
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    Hand Made Magnetic Folding 14" Chess Set -  CHESSMAZE STORE UK
    Hand Made Magnetic Folding 14
    Hand Made Magnetic Folding 14" Chess Set
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    Walnut Folding Economy Grandmaster Chess Set -  CHESSMAZE STORE UK
    Walnut Folding Economy Grandmaster Chess Set -  CHESSMAZE STORE UK
    Walnut Folding Economy Grandmaster Chess Set

    Hand-Made Wooden Chess Pieces

    If you are looking to buy a chess set that doesn't compromise on quality then you're in the right place! Our chess sets feature an array of tournament-sized sets to suit every budget. Each set in the range is of a high-quality standard benchmark and will last for years.


    What Style Of Chess Sets Are Available?

    Classic Chess Sets
    If you are looking for a classic chess set that is standard in size and appearance, then you could be looking for either of the below chess sets: 

    A standard tournament chess set:

    Sized to adhere to chess tournament rules. This chess set includes a 3.75” king, Staunton-designed chess pieces, and usually a 20-inch chessboard. 
    Staunton-style chess set:
    Staunton chess sets feature traditional chessmen that are recognised by many buddy chess collectors across the globe. They are traditional in shape, size, and style.
    What Makes A Chess Set Luxury?

    Luxury chess sets can usually be defined by the materials used to craft them and the scarcity of the chess set.

    Luxury Chess Materials:

    When it comes to luxury chess sets, they are usually hand-carved from fine, choice woods. Each chess piece will hand be carefully crafted using wood-carving techniques and the finished product will have a luxurious feel. On average, it takes a trained carver a whole day to carve just four knights in a complete chess set.

    Scarcity Of The Chess Set.

    If the chess set is a limited edition, limited run or the chess pieces are of a unique design then they are likely to be classed as luxury chess sets.

    Chess Sets Made From Wood 

    There are numerous styles of wood that can be used to hand-carve wooden chess sets, including Maple, Walnut, Mahogany and Rosewood.

    How Do I Know What Style Of Chess Set Is Best?

    Selecting a chess set can be difficult and somewhat overwhelming. With vast options available, it is difficult to know what chess set is best for you. You should make your choice based on how you intend to put your chess set to use. Here are a few things you should consider before buying a chess set online:

    • What material do you like best? Wood, Plastic, Resin?

    • Will, you only use your chess set occasionally, or will you be using it to compete in tournaments?

    • Will it be kept on display when it isn’t in use, or would you like it to be able to be folded away and stored between games?

    How to Choose a High-End Chess Set

    If you want to buy new chess set for yourself or a loved one, you can purchase a high-end wooden chess set. These sets come with fine detail on all the pieces. They are usually made from quality wood, but you can also find them made from other types of ethically sourced wood. You can customize your set with the name of your choice. If you're a beginner, you'll find wooden chess set to be ideal for your needs.

    The type of chess set you choose will depend on how often you plan to play. Some people are social butterflies, while others are introverted and prefer to play by themselves. Whether you want a classic wooden set or something modern and stylish, you'll need to consider several factors to find a quality one that will last for generations. A high-quality chess set will last for generations and still look nice. The following are some tips to help you choose a good quality chess set for your needs.

    The black & brown alabaster chess set is one of the best-looking chess sets, you can purchase. Made from natural Italian stone, this chess board features intricately detailed carvings. The black and brown chess pieces have natural colouration and veins, which make them stand out among the crowd. The set is made to be a luxurious gift for your loved one.

    The Staunton chess set is a great example of a high-end chess set. Its pieces are often taller than wide, making them more functional and comfortable to play with. The king, for example, is approximately three inches tall. There are also a number of different designs of chess sets, but the most popular is the Staunton design, named after the 19th-century English chess player, Howard Staunton. The Staunton-style chess set was created by Nathaniel Cooke in 1849 and was first manufactured by Jaques of London, John Jaques and Son of London.

    This classic 1849 original or reproduction chess set is the most expensive one you can buy.  It is handmade by master artisans from Boxwood and Genuine Ebony. In addition to its beautiful design, the Staunton chess set also comes with a board bag, a board cover, and a satin finish. Buying a custom set can be the most rewarding experience because it allows you to personalize everything about the chess board and the pieces.


    Selecting the Perfect Chess Set

    When it comes to choosing the right chess set, ChessMaze UK offers an extensive collection to cater to all preferences and budgets. Our commitment to quality ensures that every chess set in our range meets a high standard, guaranteeing years of enjoyment.

    Diverse Styles of Chess Sets

    We understand that chess enthusiasts have varying tastes, which is why we provide a diverse range of styles to choose from:

    1. Classic Chess Sets:

    • Tournament Chess Sets: These sets adhere to official chess tournament rules, featuring a 3.75-inch king, Staunton-designed pieces, and typically a 20-inch chessboard.
    • Staunton-style Chess Sets: Recognized and cherished by chess collectors worldwide, Staunton sets boast traditional shapes, sizes, and styles.

    What Defines a Luxury Chess Set?

    Luxury chess sets are distinguished by the materials used in their construction and their exclusivity. Here's what sets them apart:

    Luxury Chess Materials:

    • Luxury sets are meticulously hand-carved from select, premium woods, resulting in a tactile and opulent feel. Skilled artisans employ wood-carving techniques to craft each piece, with a single carver often dedicating an entire day to create just four knights in a complete set.

    Scarcity of the Chess Set:

    • Limited edition, unique design, or limited production runs classify chess sets as luxury items. These factors contribute to their exclusivity and desirability.

    Wooden Chess Sets:

    Wooden chess sets come in various styles, each offering a unique aesthetic and feel. Common woods used for hand-carved chess sets include Maple, Walnut, Mahogany, and Rosewood.

    Choosing the Ideal Chess Set

    Selecting the right chess set can be a daunting task with numerous options available. To make an informed decision, consider these factors:

    1. Material Preference: Decide whether you prefer wood, plastic, resin, or other materials for your chess set.

    2. Frequency of Use: Determine whether your chess set will be used occasionally or for competitive tournaments.

    3. Display vs. Storage: Decide if you want your chess set to be displayed when not in use or if it should be foldable and easily stored.

    Choosing a High-End Chess Set

    Investing in a high-end wooden chess set is a wise choice, whether it's for yourself or a loved one. These sets boast meticulous detailing on all pieces and are often crafted from premium wood or ethically sourced alternatives. You can even personalize these sets with a name, making them unique and cherished.

    The choice of chess set ultimately depends on your playing style and preferences. Whether you're a social chess player or prefer solitary games, consider factors like design, size, and material to find a chess set that suits your needs.

    The Beauty of Alabaster Chess Sets

    Our black & brown alabaster chess set stands out as a pinnacle of elegance. Crafted from natural Italian stone, this chessboard features intricate carvings that showcase the beauty of the material. The black and brown chess pieces possess natural colouration and veins, making them true works of art. It's a luxurious gift that speaks of timeless sophistication.

    The Staunton Chess Set: A Symbol of Excellence

    The Staunton chess set, characterized by its taller-than-wide pieces, offers a functional and comfortable playing experience. With a king standing at approximately three inches, it embodies the classic Staunton design, inspired by 19th-century English chess player Howard Staunton. The Staunton-style chess set, created by Nathaniel Cooke in 1849 and produced by Jaques of London, John Jaques and Son of London, remains a popular choice among chess aficionados.

    Indulge in Luxury with the 1849 Original Staunton Chess Set

    For the ultimate chess connoisseur, the 1849 original or reproduction Staunton chess set represents the pinnacle of luxury. Handmade by master artisans using Boxwood and Genuine Ebony, this set exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship and timeless design. It includes a board bag, a board cover, and a satin finish for an unparalleled chess experience. Opting for a custom set allows you to personalize every aspect of your chess board and pieces, making it a truly unique and cherished possession.

    Choose ChessMaze UK for a world of chess sets that combine craftsmanship, tradition, and luxury. Explore our collection today and elevate your chess game to new heights.