Where is the best place to buy a chess set?

It can be difficult to choose the right chess set. It doesn't matter what set you have, chess can still be played with them. However, it can be difficult to find the right one for you. Do not waste your money on a set you don't like or worse, that will hinder your game.

These are some tips that will help you choose a set that feels right for you and is within your budget.


  1. When choosing a chess set, one of the most important aspects to consider is the discernibility.

    This is how easily you can distinguish the queen from the King, etc. All tournament boards have very distinct styles of pieces. You should try to avoid sets that are fussy and instead, select something that has a more simple appearance. It is very annoying for a player to have to constantly try to figure out which piece is which. The owner of the board will have an advantage in such a game because they have played with it before. I have lost many games to children who bring themed sets to the chess club, insisting that we play with their set instead of a tournament board. We now get to the next point...

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  2. Choose a set that is standard for tournament play.

    What regulations apply to a tournament set of chess? The squares of the chess board should measure 2 1/4 inches on each side, and the height of the king should range from 3 3/4 to 4 1/4 inch. You can search the internet by typing "Tournament Chess Set" and you will find what you are looking for. If you intend to play with friends or family often, a standard tournament set isn't necessary. While casual chess is possible on any chessboard, I have grown to appreciate the size and weight of a tournament standard set. One is all I need now.

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  3. Choose a set with weighted pieces.

    This is essential if you are going to play speed chess. Unweighted pieces are more likely to cause accidents, especially if they have small bases. In a breeze, the pieces shouldn't tip over or fall during speed chess.

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  4. It should be durable if you plan to use it often.

    For years of enjoyment, a plastic chess set must be sturdy and long-lasting. Wood pieces are more vulnerable to chips and scratches than plastic ones. It's all about personal taste and budget. Although wood pieces can be quite expensive, they are usually more beautiful. The cheaper sets of wood are better for taking beatings than the more expensive ones. They are also less detailed so they have fewer edges to worry about. Plastic pieces are usually more durable than wood and often cheaper. A large, sturdy, and weighted set with plastic pieces is recommended for a first set.

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  5. Choose the right board.

    There are many boards available in tournament chess equipment. There are three types of boards I have experience with: a vinyl rollflex board, one-piece wooden board and a folding wood board. The vinyl board is the best option for anyone who needs a lightweight, portable board. It is very lightweight, portable, and extremely affordable. A vinyl tournament chess board can be purchased for as low as £2.00. They aren't the most appealing boards in terms of appearance but they can be used if you have limited space.

    The one-piece wooden board is next. This board is made of one piece of solid wood and cannot be folded. This is the most portable type of chessboard, but it is best for those who plan to play mostly at home and don’t have to transport their set. This board is very attractive, as it is made from wood and has no unsightly lines through the middle. The folding wood board is the last one I'd like to mention. If you're looking for something to compromise, this one is the right choice. This is the board for you if you love the look and portability of wood boards. Although it isn't as portable as vinyl, it's still much easier to transport than regular wood boards.

    You can see that all boards have their charms, but I recommend the vinyl board as your first set. It is lightweight and very affordable. You can purchase the board and pieces separately, but you need to consider the dimensions of the squares and the base of your king.

    For the best playability and appearance, the base of the king should cover 75% of the square on the chessboard. If you order pieces and the board together, most online chess shops will select the right size.

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  6. Choose the right chess shop.

    You can find an online chess shop that sells the entire board, the pieces and the bag in one package. This will be cheaper and everything (hopefully!) will fit together in terms of size and colour. All my chess shopping is done at ChessMaze UK. They are a great online chess store. They produce only the highest quality products, all handcrafted. They are also very affordable. They offer packages such as the one I just mentioned. You can also design your own tournament kits from their website.

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