What To Look For When Shopping For A Chess Set

When shopping for a chess set  for yourself, or as a gift for someone else there are a few things you should consider, the quality of the item, the cost - is it in budget? the recipients preferred style and returns policies from the chess store you purchase from.

Things to consider:

What type of chess set are you after? Traditional and wooden, modern and made from marble, or reproduction chess sets that are made from resin? 

What is your budget? Knowing your budget is going to help you identify the best quality chess set you can afford within your budget. Luxury chess sets can range from £200  to £3,000 on our website, so understanding your maximum spend allowance will help you identify what chess set suits your budget best. 

Whether you are spending £60 or £300 + on a chess combination, you will be receiving a quality chess set of your choice when shopping with ChessMaze UK, our online chat advisors are on hand 24/7 to discuss your requirements and to help you find the perfect chess set.

How do you know you are buying a quality chess set? When purchasing a chess set online it can be difficult to know the exact quality of the item without seeing it in person and assessing it. Purchasing a quality chess set online starts with one thing, check your returns policy - a company that offers a long returns policy and extended warranty is likely offering a quality item. Long returns and warranties reflect the confidence the company has in the product they are selling. You can also check out any customer reviews online of the product, and, or discuss the product for reassurance with the company's customer service department. 

How do I know what the recipients preferred style is? When purchasing a chess set online as a gift, it can be difficult. Especially if you don't know the recipients style or preferred aesthetic very well. We would suggest starting by assessing what their interior design style is like- do they have light woods or dark wood furniture in their home? is their style simple, or do they have a more outgoing style? are they an avid chess player who enjoys the history of chess, or are the a beginner? Dont worry, if you come unstuck, our customer service advisors are on hand to help you make the right decision. 

What options are there?

Velcro chess sets often have a soft board that can be folded up when not in use. There are many colours available, but black and white is the most common. An exquisite marble set can be used for decoration or normal purposes.

There are many options available for you to choose from when it comes to chess sets. You must first decide if you intend to use the set as a display piece or in actual games. Marble chess sets can be beautiful and useful. There are many decorative sets to choose from so it is likely you will be confused when choosing which set to give as a gift. You can find a wide range of chess sets that you will treasure for years. There are sets to suit every occasion and setting. When choosing a chess set, consider whether it will be used for decorative purposes or play. There are many sets on the market that offer a variety of styles.

For those who want to play chess on the move, there are many options. A durable travel set should last a lifetime. Chess is a very popular game all over the globe. Although chess is traditionally played indoors at the chess board, you will be able to discover many other options that can be taken outdoors. It is always better to choose a durable and long-lasting travel chess set so that the recipient can remember you for a long time. A giant outdoor set, which can be used in open spaces, is one option.

This guide outlines many outstanding moves that are crucial in learning how to play chess well. You must learn fundamental chess strategies like the multiplication table if you want to improve your chess skills. Chess is one of the most beloved board games on the planet, but it can also be the most tedious. Chess is so popular that there are tournaments all over the globe. Marble is another option when you are trying to find the best outdoor set for your lawn.

You can play chess anywhere. It doesn't involve equations or numbers, but it can be played in many ways similar to Math. The game of chess is one of strategy. If you don't have the right strategy at the beginning of the game, it could have an effect on the outcome. Computer chess is often used by people who don't have human opponents to play with.