What is Scholar's Mate?

There are many strategies that you can use to win quickly in chess. Checkmates in the early game are a popular strategy for beginners who want to win against an opponent quickly. Scholar's Mate is one of the most well-known techniques.

What's a Scholar's Mate, you ask?

Scholar's Mate, a checkmate in chess is achieved with just four moves. This endgame requires you to use your white-square queen and bishop in a joint mating attack to target your opponent's F2-pawn (F2 if the opponent is white, F7 for black). The Scholar's Mate exploits F-pawns, which are considered the weakest pieces because they are defended only by the king. This allows you to trap your opponent and force a checkmate.

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The 4 Winning Moves of Scholar's Mate

Below are the 4-moves and annotations that go with them:

  1. e4 e5
  2. Bc4 Nc6
  3. Qh5 Nf6
  4. Qxf7

Why is it called "Scholar's Mate?"

It is also known as Scholar's Mate. This 4-move checkmate was first described and named in a 1656 text written by Francis Beale, The Royall Game of Chess - Play. Beale, an English author, adapted Gioachino Gréco's work, an Italian chess player and writer. Here is an excerpt of the text adaptation.

The Scholar's Mate.

White kings can pawn one house.

Black kings can pawn the same.

White Queen to the 

 kings Rooks fourth house

Black Queens knight to her Bishops' third house

White kings Bishops to the queen’s Bishops Fourth House

Black kings knights to the king’s Bishops, third house

The white queen takes the opposite kings Bishops' pawn gives her mate.

The Scholar's Mate is also known in certain dialects such as Dutch, Esperanto and French.

It is also known in Italian as Barber's Mate

It is called Napoleon's Plan in Persian, Greek and Arabic.

It is also known as Children's Mate in Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian and Russian.

It is also known as Shoemaker's Mate in Slovenian, Croatian, Danish and German.

It is also known as School Mate in Danish, Finnish and Swedish.

Scholar's Mate was sometimes also known by other names in English. For example, Schoolboy’s Mate (which, in English current English, may better reflect the feeling of 'fledgling’ suggested by the word Scholar's), and Blitzkrieg (German meaning "lightning warfare"), which refers to a quick and brief commitment.

Scholar's mate: This is a shrewd strategy that certain learners use to manipulate their less-skilled counterparts. As we'll see, it is best to not play the Scholar’s mate as White. If Black understands what to do, they can reverse discharge. If you can figure out how to protect yourself against it, you'll be in for a shock!

The Moves That Make the Scholar's Mate

Scholar's Mate can be referred to in certain cases as the "four-move Checkmate", despite there being different ways to checkmate in each of the four moves.

Different move orders can make a similar mating situation different. White might play Qh5 while Black may play Bc5. All varieties have the same basic thought: the queen and bishop are in a simple mating assault on either f7 or 2 if Black is the mate.

e4 HTML5 and Qh5

This is the signature move of the Scholar's mate. Also possible are e4-e5 and bc4; in the unlikely event that black does not play Nf6, Qh4. The Queen attacks both the defenceless f7 square as well as the pawn on the e5. Black must protect the pawn. He can do it with Nc6, a decent creating move.

Nc6 and Bc4

Double assault on the square f7 In the event that black fails to see the double assault on the f7 square or attempts to attack the Queen with Nf6, then 4. Checkmate! Qxf7# Qe7 is the most important move to protect f7.

g6 and Qf3

White restores the twofold attack on the f7 Pawn, but by moving his queen twice, he is beginning to lose time. Black could defend by Qf6, but that would bring the queen out too quickly. It is also substandard to move the pawn from f6. Black has an incredible creating move, Nf6!

Qb3 and Nf6

Is white going to get tired of such thoughts? White again assault f7, this time along with the Queen, and the Bishop, who are arranged on an a2-g8 slanting. White also loses time again by moving his Queen for the third time within the first five moves. Although it is possible to shield f7 from Qe7, a remarkable guarded move made by black allows white's assault to begin.


Assault the Queen. Nd4 is actually a double attack. It attacks the Queen legally, but it also assaults a defenceless point in white's situation, the c2square. If white protects c2 and Qc3, Nxe4 wins a pawn, allowing the Queen to move again. If white attempts to 6. White attempts to 6.

Bxf7 K7 and Qc4

White's best option is to continue with the attack with Bxf7. This seems to win the Pawn and allow Black's King the ability to move. White has failed to make checks after Bxf7. Or the Knight will catch her. C4 is the main square where she can move to safeguard the Bishop and her well-being. The present black man has a euphoric little riddle that he must solve. The Bishop on f7 should be allowed to leave the slanting alone.


Black chases the white queen from the corner of a2-g8 corner-to-corner with a Pawn. White is forced to abandon the safeguard of Nxc2 on f7 and the Black King will capture it on the next move. We saw that white's best move is Qd3, given the fact that Nxc2 still exists in black, causing the white King to make a move and lose the a1 Rook.

Qd3 Kxf7

Despite his intelligence, white lost material and moved his queen multiple times within the first eight moves. Black leverages in material and advancement. There is no real peril for black in Scholar's Mate, and black always has a superior position. If you are playing white, there is a better way to attack f7. Don't try this. If you are playing black, remember the moves shown here and you will leave the opening in a fine place!

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