Origins of the greatest Board Game- Chess

When it comes to something as old as the game of chess, its development along with the origins tend to be obscured. The major causes for this are the dearth of particular advice, the impossibility to date and arrange in a chronological sequence even the accessible info and sometimes the inability to examine the veracity of the files that are existent. Without going on a trail that is wrong that the first games of chess were played in Asia yet, we can affirm.

There have been voices finding the origins of chess in China. According to them, the game of chess was created in the 2nd century B.C. However, written documents that could attest the existence of chess in China appeared in just in 7th century A.D. Another place claiming the primacy in chess history is the classic nation situated on the actual lands of Iran, Persia. Other places mentioned as the incipient stage in the chess history are Japan, China and India.

The intro of Chess on the Old Continent has a precise instant in the history that is international and that is the 8th century when Spain has been seized by the Moors. The barbarians have brought with them this skill game. It's reported that Haroon-al-Rashid, the Persian leader has personally given a chess set to Charlemagne as present.

The rules of classic chess were rather different, in addition to the names of the figurines active in the game, although the chess game was fairly similar to what we know now. For example, what we nowadays call the tower has been first an elephant, then an elephant with a tower in its back. The tower was chosen as a simpler replacement, because the elephant was fairly hard to carve.

Another exceptionally interesting thing to note is the fact that at the minute the game of check was played on an unchequered board. The chequered board was introduced by the Europeans, hence making the game more captivating too as more exact.

In the 11th century, the chess was primarily a game this is why it was also named the kings game” that is “. The first international chess contest was held in London in 1851. The place had not been picked at random of we come to believe that s London became the epicentre of chess world.

Since then, the popularity of chess grew and with it the number of tournaments focused on chess players. In 1976 there were about 100 chess contests, while in 1990 there have been reported more than 1000 tournaments that are similar.

Nowadays chess is available to all those willing to learn it. Due to the extensive option of chess materials acceptable for all budgets, even people with low incomes are able to afford to purchase a chess set and appreciate the greatness of this game that is classic. Additionally, with the development of technology, special apparatus mimicking chess playing can be found available on the market. They truly are called chess computers and are an excellent add-on for chess addicts looking for partners willing to spend all day playing with chess