Popular Wooden Chess Sets and Boards

Wooden chess sets and boards are a very popular choice for chess sets and boards. Wood is easily available to use and produce. It is also very aesthetically pleasing to look at. You will find that this is quite likely the most popular type of wooden chess set or board in the United States. This is due to the many positive attributes of this type of wood including its beautiful appearance and ability to easily blend in with a variety of other pieces.

wooden chess sets and boards


Because this is a popular type of chess set or board, there are several high-end companies that manufacture them in both certain standard configurations and customized ones. This is for the individuals who may not have the means to purchase custom-wooden chess sets and boards but still want to have their chess pieces look as good as possible. There are a lot of large selections of wood available including cherry, maple, walnut, oak, cherry, mahogany, ebony, and many others. With the many different kinds of wood there are certainly no limits to the style or design that can be put on the chessboard.


Chessboards can be found with a variety of features and designs. If you are looking for a chessboard to go on top of a computer or desk, you will find that you can find these in a variety of configurations. It is true that you can find chessboards that come with different selections of chess pieces and patterns. However, you will also find that many of these boards will be designed in a style that has not been seen before on a wooden chessboard.


These types of boards can be selected for several different qualities. You will find that the basic wooden chessboard is made from the standard two-piece design. This means that the pieces will fit together in a single piece that cannot be detached. The piece at the top of the board is known as the King's head and he stands in front of a particular point on the board.


The second type of board is known as the double-face board. The head of the piece that is to the right of the chess board is referred to as the Queen's head. This piece in turn stands in front of a particular point on the board. There are also double sided boards that are known as the meld board. This is an example of a custom board, where you can customize the wooden pieces that will be used on the board. You will find that the piece used on the meld board is free-standing.


The meld board is also sometimes referred to as the big board. The board can have as many as five pieces installed on it. There are also boards that are designed to sit inside another piece of furniture such as a bookcase or chest. These types of pieces are generally limited to individual pieces that are made of brass.


Wooden chessboards can be a great way to get your chess set or board in while also increasing the style and design of your chess set or board. You will find that this is probably the most popular type of wooden chess set or board available.