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Our collection of chess boards feature a wide and varied array of both economic and luxury. Our chess boards are sourced from Italy, Germany, Poland, and Spain. The Italian collection is worthy of a special mention, over the past 5 years we have received a lot of positive feedback on the quality of this collection  We are one of the oldest UK chess companies retailing in quality chess boards, sets, and pieces in the traditional Staunton concept.



Rest assured of our commitment to your satisfaction when choosing your chess board and chess pieces here at Chessmaze UK chess store!  Whether or not you are buying a chess board, remember you can always visit us and simply browse our website.. Buying a chess board from our store is all you’ll need to do to secure a quality product to accompany your chess pieces.  Chess boards to buy at Chessmaze UK web store. 



We have many styles and various sizes to complement an array of chess pieces. We also cater for the budget conscious with our economy chess board at only £24.00 to the higher luxury chess board at £249.00. We have teamed up with one of the World's finest manufacturers of chess boards to bring you sublime quality affordability.

Our most popular chess board is the Mahogany and Maple hand inlaid veneer chess board and from our luxury selection, the Prestige Walnut and Maple chessboard are simply beautifully made and the finish is impeccable.