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Chess Sets and Boards are of fine quality and are competitively priced. We have a modest collection, however, the choice listed has undergone stringent quality benchmark control, and the resulting factor is super low pricing without a compromise on quality. We trust you will find a bargain within this popular collection of Traditional Chess Sets and Boards.

Trends come and go while chess checkmates the ever-changing trends for over a millennium, unlike many other similar competitive board games that have become a part of the history long ago. And the actual reason why over the years the popularity of chess has only grown may be found behind the fact that chess is often fairly referred to as one of the most intellectual and popular board games, which highly develops mental abilities, cognitive skills and greatly stimulates logical thinking.

Not being pulled back even in our era of technologies, for the lovers of intellectual battles, the handmade wooden chess sets of different and unique designs are typically the most desired gifts- for any occasion, in any location - from the UK to Australia. The fact is, over one and a half thousand years, masters have tasted dozens of materials to make chess from - including stone, wood, glass, plastic, nevertheless, the true lovers of chess give privilege to the sets carved on the wood. "Warm, harmonious, pleasant to the eye... Chess sets made of wood are the choice of eyes, hands and even ears” our skilled woodworking craftsman notices. “If you have ever completed a set with wooden pieces, you may agree how gently the pieces slide in your palm and jump to make the next step when you are confident in your strategy and conversely get lingered in the air when losses are foreseen".Chess sets made of wood are the choice of eyes, hands and even ears” our skilled woodworking craftsman notices. “If you have ever completed a set with wooden pieces, you may agree how gently the pieces slide in your palm and jump to make the next step when you are confident in your strategy and conversely get lingered in the air when losses are foreseen”.

But what is this popularity and love for the wooden chess set among the society is conditioned? First of all, because the wooden chess set is timelessly classic and elegant. Handmade by the talented and detail-oriented craftsmen, who have put all their dedication and positive energy into each and every carving of the wood, having the idea of creating unique and impressive designs in mind, the wooden sets bring new interest and motivation into the game. And in spite of the prejudice that the wood is not a luxurious material, wooden handmade chess sets come to prove the opposite; the wood of a number of trees, such as a nut, oak, cherry, mahogany, and others, have naturally unique and identically astonishing patterns, meanwhile are glossy with grace and external superiority.

As a result, a set made of the wood of these trees, be for the purpose of games or simply as a part of your interior decor will silently hint about the status and values that the owner has.

The aesthetic delight that dawns on the chessman when touching the artistically carved and carefully polished wooden pieces and sliding them over the two-color field, that is free of wrinkles can be compared with no other pleasure! Moreover, a carved handmade wooden chess set is always a rather interesting and exclusive piece of furniture, that imparts positive energy to its surroundings and ideally complements the interior both in the living rooms of houses and in the offices of apartments, mansions or at work. But the advantage of handmade wooden chess set is not limited to their appearance; such sets have also qualitative advantages- they are robust and durable, do not peel or get wrinkled easily and as a result keep their qualities so well that wooden sets are often passed from generation to generation, along with chess skills In the course of time, handmade wooden chess sets have successfully positioned themselves as a stylish and solid gift for both a colleague and close friend.

The hand-carved and original wooden sets are sure to be highly appreciated by those who understand and value the art. Imagine the pleasure that will be received not only from the contemplation of this product, decorating the room but also from the game of chess itself. You may have noticed that in many literary works wooden handmade chess sets are presented and described in detail, with the help of which the authors have successfully emphasized the peculiarity of the character who owns these subjects-intelligent, serious, thoughtful. And in many historical, artistic, and documentary films, in the presence of such exclusive chess, authors and directors often emphasize this fact. For the one who has just begun to learn the wonderful world of the ancient game, gift chess is an undoubted tribute to his status, wisdom, and intellectual abilities. A beautiful external execution of the gift will push the holder to learn as soon as possible and familiarise himself with the intricacies of the game, in order to quickly get into fights with opponents on the board, even if he has never had an interest in chess. From the view of practical applicability, wooden chess sets have a number of advantages as well. In the case of the wooden chess sets, the board is quite clear and sharp and the difference between the two colours is easily identified, as a result, the player has a better sight of the game.

Besides, the experienced chess players state that a lot can be understood about the opponent’s ideas and concerns when playing on a wooden set as the sound that comes out when we move a piece over the board betrays much of the feelings of the player; the way your opponent moves the pieces and the sound it generates, one can get a clue whether he is in an aggressive mood or passive mood and play accordingly, as a result, one can either make his strong and well-thought moves make in a way to impress his opponent and gain a psychological advantage as a side effect, or else, simply imitate being skeptic about his move and make the opponent in doubt.

Wooden chess models due to their different sizes and style are convenient for every event and preference. Such as mini wooden chess sets, have been created to meet the special needs of those who have little space in their homes to stock it, meanwhile, these sets are compact enough for a traveller or camper to carry in his bag.

Chess is a symbol of the triumph of intelligence and self-confidence; this is a miniature embodiment of tactics and strategy and these qualities are have found their best embodiment in the wooden sets.

Are you in the market for a new chess set? Chess is one of the most popular games in the world, and the millions of chess boards sold around the world are a testament to that popularity.

If you want to know more about what chess sets you should have in your collection, consider the following guide to the types of chess sets that every serious player—amateur and otherwise—should have at their disposal.

Folding boards

Folding chess sets are ideal for travelling, whether you’re a young child in the backseat of mom’s car or you’re an adult sitting on a train with nothing much to do. Folding boards come in a range of different materials and sties, but the most common is particle board, which can be easily bent and re-bent without losing its shape too distinctly.

Luxury boards

Luxury chess sets are—as the name suggests—a luxury. Luxury chess sets are typically made with very high-quality materials, including precious materials; subsequently, these chess sets tend to be on the more expensive side, but if you are looking for something truly high quality that would last, this would be it.

Digital boards

These types of chess sets are well known for their digital innovative technology that allows chess players to play remotely or to practice chess on their own, under their own terms. Digital boards are especially popular with students as well as people who participate in professional chess games such as tournaments.

Themed sets

Themed chess sets are designed around a specific theme, such as military, antique, kings and queens, or even novelties like film and television. Themed sets tend to be more of a purchase for hobbies since they cannot be used in professional or tournament play.

Three player sets

These sets are best for chess players who are interested in taking the game to a completely new level. Three player chess is exciting, complex, fun—everything that a chess player could as for! These sets come in a few different styles, so be sure to research the type of three-player chess that the board can be used for prior to purchasing.

Demo sets

Demo set is specifically designed to be used in demonstrations, typically in classrooms; these are oversized, flat boards which have “pieces” that can either be moved from plastic bag to plastic bag attached to each square—or they contain a magnet that will stick to the magnetic demo set board.