Huge Range of Chess Sets at ChessMaze UK Online Store

Chess fanatics will love our indulgent collection of luxury chess sets and chess boards, which are designed with quality and precision to make them look exquisite in the home and also feel incredible to play. 

If you love to play chess and are looking to treat yourself or perhaps a loved one who enjoys the game, you won’t find anything better in chess boards than the wide range available here.

The Renaissance Hand Painted Brass Chess Set is one such elegant chessboard style in the luxury collection and is made with the finest of Italian workmanship. The sculpted chess pieces and chess board define the true character and combine to create an incredible style which will look remarkable in any home, or wherever you choose to indulge in the fine game.

Those who prefer to mix luxury with tradition will adore the Walnut Root Drawer Chess Cabinet and Classic Ebonized Chess Pieces which offers an eclectic combination of beauty with practicality to create a stunning luxury chess board anyone would be delighted to own. The incorporated drawer in this chessboard will help to keep your chess pieces contained in the one place, making it less likely that any will go amiss.
The popular Staunton chess board is also available in the luxury chess sets and boards collection, with the Prestige Staunton Chessmen and Italian Anegre Chessboard, which blends beauty with functionality to create an elegant chessboard for casual players as well as those who take the game a bit more seriously.

In addition, the Antiqued Bowing Staunton Chessmen and 21 Inch Black Deluxe Chess Board offers a nice blend of both contemporary and traditional styles. The board and chess pieces are handcrafted to create a masterpiece of true beauty and style.

Luxury and quality don’t come any finer than with the Jacques Style Rosewood Chess Pieces and Walnut Deluxe Moulded Edge Chess Board, which pays attention to fine detail and offers outstanding quality to make it chess set anyone would be proud to display in their home.

The luxury collection of chess sets and boards offer must-have purchases for those who enjoy playing chess regularly at home or are perhaps a member of a chess club. There are designs and styles to suit all tastes, each offering their own individual twist of beauty and quality to make them stand out in any room.
You will find a wide range of prices of chess boards in this extensive collection to suit your budget and for those who are ready to update their chess set, you will be sure to find options within this range

Designer Chess Sets
If you have a taste for the finer things in life and are looking for a chess board which offers something a bit more unique than the others, look no further than the designer chess sets. You may not be entering the world chess championship any time soon, but this doesn’t mean you can’t opt for the more luxurious style of chess sets on the market.

Designer chess sets come in many forms including the distinguished Limited Edition Sea Horse Chess Pieces 4K Blue and Green, made of delicate glass-like materials and built with the highest of quality, and the similarly designed Chrysler Handmade Glass Chess Set Blue/Green which is a classic, handmade chessboard full of glamour and style to make it one of the most popular around.
You will also love the Fantasy Chess Pieces which you can combine with any chessboard to create a battleground to be proud of; everything you could possibly dream of in chess sets can be found in the designer collection.
The Novgorod Russian Chess Set is a designer chessboard with uniquely designed pieces, each with their own individual style. You will never tire of playing this chess set and you will be proud to display the exquisite detail and striking colours in your home.
If you are a true chess lover, you will be excited to learn about the Liberty Chess Pieces which are part of the Design Studios Collectors Series. You will be the envy of all your friends with these designer chess pieces and will enjoy the distinguished appearance of the pieces which are also easily identifiable and comfortable to move around the board.
Chess lovers can end up with quite a collection of designer chess boards by choosing from this range and you will find designs and styles to suit all tastes. Each boasts its own individuality and quality which you can’t fail to adore.
These chess boards will stand the test of the time, through their durability and quality which makes them a worthwhile purchase for those who enjoy playing chess with regularity.
Explore your way around these chess boards and take in the true character and indulgent qualities which make these an extravagant but delightful purchase which you can enjoy for years to come and pass down to future generations with fond memories.

Chess Sets for Schools
The beautiful game of chess offers many benefits to children as they grow, including developing their memory, learning how to play together and the ability to develop strategies and forward planning.
The chess sets for schools have been designed with this in mind and are a great way for children to keep themselves occupied during free time from lessons and also offer a hobby to play during social time. These options for chess training will help to enhance the children’s ability in the game and they will grow in strength as they continue through the lessons.
As part of the collection of chess sets for schools, you will find a wide variety of different styles and designs, offering a range of functions depending on your needs.

The roll-up chess board for instance, is ideal if you are on a budget and want a convenient option which you can put up and take down whenever suits, without the hassle of the traditional style of board.
There is also the complete schools package, which contains everything you could possibly need for a chess tournament, including the chess board, chess pieces and clock and all at a reasonable price to suit your budget.
Whether you are looking for the complete set, a chess board, some chess pieces or a scoring sheet to keep track during your game, you will find all you will need with the chess sets for schools. With a range of prices to suit your budget, these will keep the children interested and give them something fun and productive to focus on.
You won’t have to worry about maintenance with the chess sets for schools, they are all easy to manage and with high quality craftsmanship, they are built to last. The popularity of the chess sets for schools is down to the quality and the price, which is low enough that you can buy several sets for your school and won’t feel the pinch on your purse strings.
For a fun way of learning, chess is ideal and the chess boards for school are a great investment for the future. Whether you are looking for options for chess for beginners or for more advanced levels, you will find these with chess boards for schools.

Chess Sets and Boards – Mid Price Range
If you are somewhere in the middle when it comes to the budget you have to purchase your chess boards, you may wish to have a look at the collection of mid-price range chess sets.
These boards are also made with the finest of quality and meticulous attention to detail which makes them a great centerpiece for the home.
There are a wide range of mid-price chess boards to choose from, depending on your needs and the budget you are working with.
The Luxury Push Drawer Magnetic Solid Wood Set is an example of a chess board at the lower end of the price scale, but with the same quality you would expect from the designer and luxury chess set collection.
A firm favourite with chess players everywhere, the Antiqued Club Staunton Chessmen with Walnut Design Chessboard is an example of an exquisitely designed, reasonably priced chess board which is highly durable and encompasses 19th century elegance with contemporary style for a truly exciting combination.
There are plenty of other Staunton chess boards in the collection for those lovers of the fine game, including the Majestic Staunton Chess Set, which is handcrafted with a lightweight feel to make the game of chess even more pleasurable. The Royal Staunton and the Millennium Edition Staunton Chess Set and Solid Wood Chess Board are just two of the classic styles of these chess sets which are each uniquely designed and sculpted to suit your needs.
If you enjoy playing chess but also have a penchant for backgammon, you will truly adore the Root Wood and Mahogany Chess and Backgammon Set which provides two for the price of one and offers true style with durability which makes it worth every penny.
If you take your game seriously and like to indulge in tournaments with friends or part of a club, you will really get the benefit from the Bumper Chess Package, which contains a classic chess set, chess clock and computer chess game, all wrapped up in the finest quality mahogany and maple. It even comes complete with a 12 month warranty for additional piece of mind with your purchase.
Whether you prefer wooden or an ebony style of chess board, you will find plenty to choose from in the collection of mid-price range chess boards. From the executive to the classic styles of chess boards, you will be sure to find exactly what you need with the selection available here.

Chess Pieces Luxury Range
Whether you already own a luxury chess board or want to update your classic board with chess pieces from the luxury range, you will be sure to find designs and styles to suit your needs.
Choose to mix and match your chess board with the wide selection of chess pieces available in the luxury range all with different features to help enhance the game for chess players everywhere.
Get ready to commence battle with the unique style of the bold Star Elite Ebony Chessmen which are made with solid black ebony to offer durability and ease of play. These chess pieces are also hand crafted to perfection and are the perfect addition to any style of chess board.
For those looking for chess pieces which offer a combination of contemporary with classic, the Challice Ebony Chess Pieces will provide all you need to update your chess board. These chess pieces are the epitome of quality, with ebony and boxwood hardwood materials which are durable and make the game even more exciting with their stunning features and precise detail.
True elegance and beauty can also be found with the Combatant Staunton Ebony Chess set which is a unique option with features which stand out and will look the part in any room. The precision which has gone into these pieces is apparent and makes playing chess even more pleasurable.
If you are looking for chess pieces which have a remarkable presence and are designed with the highest quality craftsmanship, you won’t find better than the Alexandre 1860 Series Staunton Padouk Chess Set. This not only has a stunning design but also has functionality which makes it one of the most exciting lines of chess pieces to complement your chess board.
Whether you choose to match your chess pieces with your board or are looking to combine two different looks, you will find a selection of chess pieces to suit your needs.
Take your luxury chess pieces anywhere with you and you will look like quite the chess grandmaster.

Chess Pieces Best Sellers
Stay ahead of the game by choosing the best-selling chess pieces to complete your collection and update your chess board.
Among the range of popular chess pieces, you will find the Classic Knight Shesham Chess Set 3.75 Inch King which is the ideal choice for chess lovers looking for a classic style. These beautifully designed chess pieces contain a felt base, which makes them easier to manoeuvre around the chess board, enhancing your enjoyment of the game. The pieces are hand carved and core weighted, making these a must-have for your collection.
The popular Staunton collection is further enhanced through the addition of the Staunton Club Ebonised Chessmen by John Jacques of London, which consists of fine detail to make it stand out and look and feel unique. These pieces are amongst the best sellers for chess enthusiasts and are ideal for using as part of a tournament. The pieces are individually crafted with Boxwood and come together with a mahogany box, making them ideal as a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself.
Another best seller in the collection is the 19th C.Style Staunton Classique Chess Men 3.25 Inch King which has all the grace and elegance you would want from your chess board, with a simple approach to the game of chess. These are also ideal if you play in regular tournaments.
The Pro Club Series Chess Pieces and Leatherette Box is ideal for buying for chess players, with the popular Staunton style design to make it one of the favourites.

Chess Computers and Software
In an era where technology is more advanced than ever, many people have turned their back on traditional games, preferring instead to settle down for the night with a games console.
If you love playing chess but don’t particularly enjoy the traditional methods of playing, you need not despair, as you can still explore your joy of the game with the electronic devices available for playing chess.
The computer chess game can be found with the Moriarty Hand Held Chess Android, which is a chess console which makes the perfect travel companion. Indulge your love of chess by taking this on your long commute to work or to use during your spare time when you are relaxing at home. You won’t notice the hours passing by as you explore the range of playing styles and strengths. There are a wide range of applications on this android device and you can add more whenever you need them, so you never get bored.
If you are looking for suppliers for school and want to adapt to changing times, the academic chess set and training set with software is the perfect addition for your chess for schools collection and this acts as a good chess training aid. Children can work their way through a range of levels from the chess for beginners to advanced, so they are constantly learning and developing their skills.
Whether beginner or advanced, you will enjoy the intriguing qualities of the Einstein Chess Wizard. You can learn a variety of strategies with this device and learn different ways to avoid the dreaded check mate scenario! As you progress through the levels, you will find your abilities and strengths in the game of chess growing, before you know it you will be a pro and on your way to the world chess championship!
For those who are interested in developing their chess skills but don’t really want to find the information in a book, look no further than the range of DVD’s which are designed to improve your ability and strengths, no matter what level you are currently at. As part of the chess training, you will learn a range of different tactics which will support your development.

Chess Boxes
There is nothing worse than the anticipation of settling down to a good game of chess, only to discover that some of your chess pieces are missing and you won’t have the necessary amount to play your beloved game. Not only this, but losing chess pieces can be an expense which most of us could do without. This is why it is important to keep them safe at all times.
It is for these occasions that a chess box will be your saving grace and will help keep all your chess pieces contained within the one area, so you never get caught short.
There are a wide range of chess boxes to suit all tastes and needs, including the Birchwood Storage Box which is a plain, natural designed box, which will hold pieces of up to 3.5 inches. The chess box is sculpted with the finest of workmanship to make it a delicate but fully functional chess box which you will be proud to show off to your competition.
If you have a desire for a more luxurious option of chess box, you will find nothing but pure indulgence with the Luxury Walnut Chess Box Made in Italy. This chess box boasts a stunning design and is an example of an art masterpiece which will keep your chess pieces safe and contained in the one area. This also features two bays for your storage facilities and a lock to keep your precious chess pieces out of the way of prying eyes.
Another design of chess box which encompasses style with practicality is the Tan Vinyl Suede Lined Chess Box which will keep your chess pieces stored away safely following your chess games, so you never have to worry about losing your chess pieces again. The slots on the chess box are ideal for containing your pieces and you can easily locate them whenever you are ready to commence battle.
The Black Leatherette with Felt Lining is a chess box which oozes character and can store chess pieces which are a bit larger, up to 4.25 inches. The felt lining contained within this chess box will keep your chess pieces protected from scratches or breakages.
If you own chess pieces which are designer or luxury, it is even more important to keep them protected and with the chess boxes available, you are spoiled for choice.

Chess Boards
If you already have your chess pieces but need to find chess boards to support your pieces, you will find a wide range of these available to suit your needs and tastes.
Exquisite chess boards are available in a range of budget and styles to cater for the needs of all chess lovers from beginners to advanced players.
If you are working with a small budget, the 13 inch Walnut and Maple Chess Board is the ideal choice. This board is one of the cheaper options available, but this certainly doesn’t affect the appearance and ease of playing you will be sure to enjoy. Described as an entry level board, this one is ideal for those who are new to the game, although advanced players should not be deterred from purchasing this either. You will find that this chess board is crafted to fine detail and has a fresh look which sets it apart from many others.
In addition, you will find the 16 inch Mahogany and Sycamore Chess Board is an ideal option for those with a tight budget, but still looking for a highly durable option which will allow for years of playing.
In the mid-price range, you will find plenty of options of chess boards available, including the 22 Inch Black and Maple Deluxe Chess Board which is one of the luxurious styles on the market. This board is suitable for both medium and large sized chess pieces.
The 22 Inch Black and Maple Deluxe Chess Board is designed by a leading chess manufacturer and has an effervescing combination of beauty and quality craftsmanship to make it a must-have for chess players who want to treat themselves or a chess loving relative.
If you are looking at the high end of the market when it comes to making your chess board selection, you will also find a wide range of exciting products to choose from. The Luxury Italian Walnut Root Drawer Chess Cabinet combines elegance with class to create a chess board which is nothing short of beautiful and offers everything a chess lover could ever need.
Manufactured in the beautiful location of Italy, the Italian Prestige Collection Makassar Chessboard is one which will look incredible no matter where you choose to display it, whether at home or in the office. It not only looks the part, but also allows for graceful ease of movement to enhance your enjoyment of the game.

Backgammon, Mahjong and Dominoes
If you love traditional games such as chess, you may wish to expand your collection through the addition of some other popular choices, such as backgammon, mah jong and dominoes. You can even alternate these favourites so you never get bored.
Whichever you choose to play or even if you want to try them all, there are styles and prices to suit everyone.
A popular choice in Mahjong is the Wooden Mahjong and Wood Box which consists of playing pieces which are contained within a wooden box. This is available at an affordable price and is a fun and entertaining way to spend a quiet evening in with friends.
If you like a bit of luxury and want to show how professional you are, you may wish to purchase the Mahjong with Silk Case. This is also ideal if you are looking to buy a gift for someone special in your life.
Not just resigned for older men down at the local pub, dominoes is a traditional game which is loved and adored by players of all ages. If you’re having friends over for the evening, this is the perfect accompaniment for an enjoyable night.
The game of dominoes is available in a wide variety of forms and prices. The Domino, Double 6 is available in a range of styles, including the tube style, which is ideal for the whole family to enjoy. You will find varieties for any occasion, whether you are playing in the comfort of your own home, down at your local pub or even if you are looking for a more professional style to play as part of a dominoes club.
Why not combine your love of both chess and backgammon with the Backgammon and Chess Set which contains playing pieces and a dice, with a walnut and cottonwood style to enhance your enjoyment of the game and to ensure it stands out. The Magnetic Travel Backgammon and Chess Set is ideal if you are looking for an entertaining companion on your commute to and from work or long haul flights. You can be assured that you will never have a dull moment with this set by your side, which is the ideal option for chess for beginners. This is available in the highly and stylish Staunton design.
If you prefer to play backgammon on its own, you may wish to try the Small Magnetic Backgammon Set which is made of stunning synthetic black later with red felt and containing magnetic playing pieces to further enhance your experience.

Limited Edition Chess Pieces
If you view yourself as a professional chess player and adore the game, you will want some limited edition chess pieces to add to your collection. These pieces may become quite the collector’s piece, so are well worth the purchase!
Understandably, there is only a small selection of limited edition chess pieces, including the Pendragon Ebony Chess Set which is exquisitely hand crafted to create styles and designs which ooze class and elegance. You will be taken aback by the breathtaking beauty of these chess pieces, not to mention the smooth functionality which is enhanced through the luxury leather pads featured at the bottom of the chess pieces. With only 250 sets worldwide, this is a must have collection of chess pieces for any chess lover.
The Unicorn Padouk Chess Set is another in the range of limited edition chess pieces, consisting of pieces with incredible lifelike features which make these really stand out and look the part wherever you choose to play. You will find that these pieces offer smooth movement around the board, making your game even more pleasurable.
You may also enjoy the beautiful features of the Excalibur Ebony Chess Set which are made with the finest of attention to detail to create life like pieces which offer an abundance of beauty as well as functionality which makes playing chess a joy.
Add some more limited edition chess pieces to your collection with the beautiful works of art which can be found with the Andalusian Ebony Chess Set. These hand crafted pieces feature leather pads at the base of the pieces to make moving around the chess board much easier and free flowing. The lifelike features of these pieces will make these the idea for enhancing the look of your home. You can impress the local chess club with these exquisite designs.

Chess Sets and Boards Economy Range
If you don’t have the budget to spare, especially in the month of January when most of us are still paying of credit card bills, don’t despair as you will still find a range of chess sets and boards in the economy range to suit your budget.
The Solid Wood Book Style Folding Set is one such style in the economy range which is a 10 inch magnetic version of the classic set. This chess set is full of character and style and is hand crafted from the finest solid wood and encompasses a beautiful design with functionality.
Another exquisite style in the economy range of chess boards is the Down Head Sheesham Challenger Chess Set with Maple Mahogany Chessboard and Box which oozes elegance and style and offers ease of play through the felt bases on the chess pieces.
If you are looking for a travel companion for flights or a long commute to work, the Magnetic Black Chess Set will be your savior. This is also ideal for a gift if you want to treat a loved one who shares your passion for the game.
A popular choice amongst chess lovers is the Miniature Lewis Chess Set which has plenty of character and style to make it a firm favourite. Whether a beginner or a professional player, you will love all that this economy chess board has to offer.
If you are looking to supply chess boards for schools or chess clubs and are looking for economy options, the Competition Staunton Chess Set is a perfect choice. Available in high quality black/ivory solid, this is up to tournament standard and will be sure to provide all you need for a pleasurable chess experience. A highly durable option in chess playing, this elegant chess board will be sure to withstand the test of time.
A travel set for those looking for a more luxurious companion, the Luxury Push Drawer Magnetic Travel Set is just as exquisite as the standard size and even features a tray to store your chess pieces.
A learning option for the children, the Disney Draughts Game For Kids features characters from all the latest characters from the latest Disney films, including Monsters University. This is a good way to engage children and develop their interest in the game.