Exotic Materials used to make Chess Piece Sets

1. Various exotic timbers are used in the creation of our chess set collection, exotic hardwood such as Sandalwood, Ebony, Rosewood and Boxwood. Only the finest choice cuts of these timbers qualify for use in production. The artisans are particular in their choice of what is considered "usable" We work closely with our appointed manufacturers to ensure only the very best materials are prepared for use with our range of chess sets

2. Investing in a Limited Edition Chess Set is worthy of serious consideration for those whom want to invest in a commodity that will most definitely increase/ appreciate in value over time. Our Limited chess sets are hand carved using expensive and very rare wood such as red sandal wood and ebony, both of which are available only in restricted quantities. There is a shortage of these exotic woods as they are not sustainable, and therefore buying now whilst available makes complete sense as an investment.

3. 1. Buying your chess sets from The Chess Company gives you complete peace of mind, knowing we are industry leaders and have been in this business for many years. There is a growing concern for customers buying on-lineMany start up companies are falsely claiming to be well established suppliers of chess sets and boards etc.....hardly! Some of these companies are no more than 2 years in the business however they blatantly deceive the customer with false information, in reality they have not earned their stripes! Put aside these concerns, order from a well established English chess company you can trust