Christmas Gifts Inspired by The Queens Gambit

It would be hard for a Succession gift under my Christmas tree. This is my favourite TV show. But the most Succession gift I could get would be a beautiful townhouse on Billionaire's Row where I would host my immediate family. Or a helicopter. These won't fit under my tree.

The Queen's Gambit is my favourite show in 2020 and probably yours too. It offers more realistic holiday gift options. According to Pinterest data, the number of searches for unique chess sets has tripled since October 23rd. The searches for giftable chess sets have increased by 37%, with "themed chess sets" has doubled in popularity. "Luxury chess sets" has seen 37% more searches. Searches for "chess set" on eBay have increased 215%. According to NPR, the show caused a chess set shortage, as viewers wanted to discover that they were also chess pros.

However, I am not suggesting that you buy someone a Christmas chess set. That's just a little too obvious. You can find many other ideas inspired by The Queen's Gambit or Beth Harmon, including maximalist wallpaper (Pinterest has quadrupled), and 1960s clothing (search also tripled).

You can find more specific gift ideas from the pop-culture here: a list by Spencer Pratt; gifts for Timothee Chalamet; and the Fab 5's top Christmas gifts.

Classic Chess Set

Let's begin with a simple, classic chess set. This set is perfect for those who don't want to permanently incorporate a chess set into their décor.

ChessMaze UK Basic Club Chess Set

Tournament Standard Wooden Starter Kit

If you are ready to make a big investment, get the whole package. This set of tournament-standard wooden chess pieces includes everything they need to get started in their new hobby.

ChessMaze UK Tournament Standard Wooden Starter Kit

Magnetic Travel Chess Set

This one is my favourite because it can be used for travel and chess while on the move. It's a pandemic so I don’t know where you’re going but it can easily fit into a backpack.

ChessMaze UK Travel Series Wooden Magnetic Chess Set

Modern Chess Set

This is a great gift idea. This iridescent acrylic set, which is more expensive than other options, is perfect for your friend with a cool house or apartment that allows you to display it. This set is for your friend, who will probably not use it.

ChessMaze UK Modern Chess Set 

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

This informative illustrated book by one of the most well-known chess masters in the world is a bestseller on Amazon.

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess....a review - Chess Forums -

Bantam Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess, available at Amazon

Geometric Sweater

The limited series saw Beth Harmon's style change from a schoolgirl who liked geometric prints to an all-white Twiggy-inspired dress. But, she never forgot to mention chess in any outfit, The New York Times reported. This sweater, which is chessboard inspired, would be perfect for the Beth Harmon Chess Prodigy starter set.
Checkered Colburne Cardigan Sweater in Coziest Textured Yarn in donegal midnight image 1

Madewell Geometric Sweater available at Madewell

The Queen's Gambit Book

If you are looking for more Beth Harmon, go straight to the source material. This holiday season is a great time to invest in chess-adjacent products.

The Queen's Gambit: Now a Major Netflix Drama (W&N Essentials) eBook :  Tevis, Walter: Books


World Of Books The Queen's Gambit Book,