Choosing The Best Travel Chess Set

Selecting the ideal travel chess set that fits all of your requirements and tenders to your needs can be difficult, so we have written this short blog to help identify the key factors to make note of when purchasing a travel chess set.

Travel chess sets vary in price, the price typically ranges from £30 to £150 and the price influx depends solely on the design, weight and functionality of the set.

Things To Remember When On The Hunt For A Travel Chess Set

The Strength Of The Magnet. When it comes to magnetic chess sets, the strength of the magnet inside of the pieces and board is very important. Some travel chess sets have magnetic in that are strong enough to allow for turbulence and can be shaken without disrupting your pieces. Magnet strength varies from set to set and style is another factor to watch out for. Some of our magnetic sets have a strong magnetic grip which is ideal for someone who is always on the go.  

11 Inch Magnetic Chess Set | Handmade Wooden Chess Sets

Time Savers. The majority of magnetic travel chess sets offer compartments for the chess pieces to be stored, these are usually built in segments that house the chessmen in perfectly. The ease of storing the chessmen inside of the chess set may also play a part in the price increase. However, some prefer to be able to quickly grab the pieces from the board and pop them into  a pouch, and just close the board  for ease. Whatever your preference on this part, Chessmaze UK have a selection of travel chess sets with storage and without storage.


Weight and Size. There are some travel chess sets that are quite small in size, like our 7” magnetic travel chess set, the beauty of this is that it is durable and lightweight, which makes travelling with the board a dream. 

Flat or Fold. Most travel chess sets have a centre line that enables the board to fold; this helps massively with portability. 

Style. When it comes to the style of a chess set, preference will vary from person to person, however, if you decide that a wonderfully detailed travel chess set is more appealing to you than a plain, standard travel chess set, then it is likely the chess set will cost you a little more. The hand carved wood and painted accents on some wooden chess boards make for an eye-catching addition. The time and effort it takes for the artist to create these intricately detailed sets will have increased to that of a standard economic travel chess set, thus warranting the price increase.

 Affordability. If you want to spend as little as possible on your set, then check out the list below that we have created with the most affordable travel chess sets.

7" Magnetic Travel Chess Set £39.95
10" Magnetic Wooden Travel Chess Set £69.95