Chess Pieces - Are Hand Carved Chess Pieces Right For You?

Staunton Chess Pieces

Staunton Chess Pieces, as they are known are the oldest of all chess pieces. It was first crafted in the 17th century and was originally referred to as a Tartarush by the Russians.


Chess was not invented by any one particular person, but it was actually invented to keep the Russians and the Chinese from being able to play against each other because of their bad eyesight. A knight and bishop are the pieces that appear on the first chess board ever created.


Although chess was invented by the Europeans, it really isn't the same game as chess that we play today. It was for centuries played by the Russians and the Chinese, but many people in the 19th century began to play it using the new plastic pieces. They were made in large amounts and had patterns on them. This made it possible for the Europeans to teach and learn to play without having to bring the wooden boards with them.


These plastic pieces made the game more accessible and the Europeans soon began to create their own style of play. Because they were so easily created, many players began to play chess as well as poker and even bowling. In fact, many people began to make their own custom chess boards as a way to protect their own chess pieces from getting destroyed.


Chess is actually played by two players and the pieces are placed on the board in two groups. The two groups that make up each player are the king and the queen. The king has the ability to move one square at a time, while the queen can move in either direction but the other group of four pieces can only move two squares at a time.


The hand carved chess pieces are the first, and in many ways the most important chess pieces. The hand carved chess pieces were very elegant and sported elaborate designs. The hand carved chess pieces are very hard to play with and are extremely rare.


One of the advantages of playing the game with a hand carved chess piece is that they are unique and don't look like they could be from any other piece of furniture. There are some players that have the ability to play the game with a hand carved chess pieces that do not have the hand carved chess piece on their side of the board. The hand carved chess pieces are an invaluable part of the game. Although the hand carved chess pieces are very difficult to get, they are a very beautiful piece of furniture.