Checkmate for Charity. A collaboration between 5asideCHESS & ChessMaze UK

Chess is a game that has been played for centuries and has always been known for its ability to teach valuable life skills such as patience, strategic thinking, and problem-solving. But what if chess could be more than just a game? What if it could be used as a tool to connect people, fight loneliness, and promote social inclusion? That's the goal of 5asideCHESS, a UK-based social enterprise that has recently partnered with ChessmazeUK.

5asideCHESS is on a mission to promote the benefits of chess by bringing the game to different communities, workplaces, universities, and even prisons. The organization believes that chess can help individuals build valuable life skills that can be applied to their daily lives, such as patience, planning ahead, and critical thinking.

What makes 5asideCHESS unique is its approach to the game. Instead of the traditional 64 squares, 5asideCHESS uses a “half-board” that makes the game faster and easier to play, allowing people of all abilities to get involved without feeling intimidated. This approach has proven to be successful in bringing together people from all walks of life, including those who may have never played chess before.

One of 5asideCHESS's most exciting initiatives is its "Battling Suicide Bus." The bus travels around the UK, stopping at town centers and supermarket car parks to offer support to those in need. The bus provides communities with a safe and comfortable space to chat, have a cup of tea, and even play a game of chess. It's a simple but effective way to fight loneliness and promote social inclusion.

In addition to the Battling Suicide Bus, 5asideCHESS also has a stationary community cafe in Cambridge that hosts a variety of activities, including MenTell jokes night, Saturday morning storytelling, and more. The cafe provides a space for people to come together and connect over a shared love of chess.

This is where ChessmazeUK comes in. ChessmazeUK is a well-established chess retailer and one of the largest in the UK. The company is known for its excellent selection of chess sets, chess pieces, and boards. By partnering with 5asideCHESS, ChessmazeUK can help promote the benefits of chess to a wider audience.

Together, 5asideCHESS and ChessmazeUK can work towards their shared goal of promoting social inclusion and fighting loneliness through the game of chess. ChessmazeUK's expertise in chess equipment combined with 5asideCHESS's innovative approach to the game can make a real difference in communities across the UK.

In conclusion, the partnership between 5asideCHESS and ChessmazeUK is an exciting development for anyone interested in chess and social inclusion. By working together, the two organizations can help bring the benefits of chess to more people and create more opportunities for people to connect over a shared love of the game. Whether it's on the Battling Suicide Bus or at the 5asideCHESS community cafe in Cambridge, chess has the power to make a positive impact on people's lives.