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ChessMaze UK was established in 1993 and since then have been specialising in the production and sale of high quality, classic and artistic chess sets, chess pieces, chess boards and more.

Our chess sets are hand-crafted from a wide variety of countries including Italy, Germany, India, Poland, Spain, and many more.

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ChessMaze UK is one of the best chess set suppliers in the UK. With over 20 years of experience in the production of collectible chess sets. Our catalogue of chess sets and accessories is extensive, offering a misc of different aesthetics and price ranges including economy chess sets, chess computers, hand painted chess sets and luxury chess sets and we are sure you’ll find the items you desire in our online chess store.

So if you are looking for wooden chess pieces for sale then you are in the right place! But don't worry, if there is something in particular that you are looking for and cannot find contact us and our friendly customer service team will do our best to assist you.


What Is A Tournament Size Chess Set?

Commonly, the chess set used in tournaments, schools and clubs are a standard 3.75" plastic Staunton-style set. The chess sets usually consist of a roll up vinyl board and basic, plastic chess pieces.

A lot of chess players enjoy the 3.75” king height of a tournament set, therefore we have expanded our chess piece collection to include some high-end, luxury 3.75” wooden chess pieces as well as the traditional 3.75” plastic tournament style pieces.

What Is Included In A Standard Chess Set?

As standard, a chess set usually comprises 32 chess pieces and a chessboard. Some sets may also include a storage box for the pieces to be housed after gameplay. Some chess sets also include additional queens to use during pawn promotion. 

How Do I Know What Chess Pieces Are Correct For My Chessboard?

There are many variations of style and sized chess pieces, and sometimes it is difficult to understand what pieces should be paired with which board. As a rule of thumb, the king’s base should take up no more than 75% of the size of the board’s squares.

Our online catalogue suggests what sized chess boards are recommended for the chessmen and vice versa - however, should you get confused and require assistance, our team of dedicated professionals are on hand to assist with your query via the chat function on our home page.