Luxury Selene Knight Chess Pieces

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Ancient Greek Chess Pieces 
This design features a Knight who is derived from the Horse of Selene. It comes from the east pedestal of the Parthenon, an ancient Greek temple known for its amazing marble sculptures.
 The horse is a 438-432 BC date from the Acropolis in Athens.

This sculpture captures the essence of the enervation that a beast feels after spending the night drawing the chariots of the moon goddess across a sky. The horse clenches its ears, the jaw opens, the nostrils flare, and the eyes bulge. Veins are visible, and flesh appears spare and taut above the cheekbone. 

This handsome gift is inspired by ancient Greece. 


King Height 4.5"

Bases made of weighted or felted materials

Hardwoods of Padauk & Boxwood



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