Italian Black & Red Squadron Chess Set

ChessMaze UK

£259.35 £399.00

Wooden Chess Set UK
Hand Made in Italy 

Where do we start by trying to describe this beauty? We honestly think that the pictures of this luxurious chess set speak for themselves, however, we will try and do it some justice with our content. 

Expertly hand-carved in Italy, these chess pieces have been expertly crafted using high-quality hardwood-boxwood and are of excellent build quality. The bases of the chessmen are felted with luxury cloth, for extra added luxury. Not only are these pieces visually pleasing, the padded bases really do make move these chess pieces across the board,m effortless. 

Perfectly matched with our breath-taking, hand-crafted, 20" Black and Red high gloss chess board- a
n absolute showpiece!

Chessboard: 20"
King Height: 3.5"

Hand Crafted in Italy
High Gloss Finish
Felted Bases

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