Imperial Canterbury Italian Walnut Burl & Rosewood Chess Set

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Hand Carved Luxury Chess Set
Crafted in Italy 

This chess set is one of the most popular chess combinations we have, and it isn't hard to see why! Each chess piece has been expertly hand-carved, finished, and polished to extremely high standards, making each individual chess piece a true pleasure to play with. 

This chess set comprises luxury, weighted chess pieces with quality billiard cloth bases and a stunning 23", Italian-made chessboard, finished in high-gloss for a wonderfully rich aesthetic. 

If you are looking for a chess set that captures originality, luxury, expert craftsmanship, and quality - this is it!

King: 4.5"
Chessboard: 23"

Weighted Chess Pieces
Billiard Cloth Bases 
Two Additional Queens as Standard
Hand-Crafted From Solid Ebony Wood
Luxuriously Ornate

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