Executive Ebonised Chess Set Mahogany Board & Burl Box



Classic Staunton design chessmen, hand carved with the finest Boxwood and Ebonised Boxwood. A top seller here at Chessmaze.
The characteristic look from the purely rounded head of the bishop, to the shortly well defined cropped mane of the stalwart knight, to the crisply angled corners of the queens corona brings these road based chess pieces to life.

Each piece is double weighted and padded for a smooth transition every time on the deluxe Mahogany and Maple chessboard.

The stunning chessboard has been crafted using clean and crisp inlaid squares of Mahogany and Maple. An elegant yet proud board that will provide decades of use.

Supplied with wooden box with a lined interior for pieces storage.
3.00 inch king (approx)
Double Weighted Category
Pieces have padded Undersides.
Board proportions: 450x 450x13 mm
Square size: 45 mm (approx)

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