Artistic Hand Carved Lotus Ebony Chess Pieces

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This is a beautiful set of hand carved chess pieces. The intricacies of the carving is mind boggling, and takes over 40 hours to produce a single complete set. 

Chessmen Dimensions
  Height Base
King 4.7" (119mm) 1.3" (34mm)
Queen 4.1" (103mm) 1.3" (34mm)
Bishop 3.7" (95mm) 1.1" (29mm)
Knight 3.2" (82mm) 1.1" (28mm)
Rook 2.6" (66mm) 1.1" (29mm)
Pawn 2.1" (53mm) 1.0" (26mm)


Wood Combination Ebony / Boxwood
Dark Chess Pieces Ebony
Light Chess Pieces Boxwood
Recommended Square Size 1.7" to 2.2" (43 mm to 56 mm)
Total Weight Of Chess Pieces 1.1 lbs (500 grams)


32 Chess pieces