1851 Antique Chess Pieces, Ochre Chess Board & Walnut Box Chess Set

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New for 2017 are these majestic antique designed chess boards. Masters of their inherited art, the Italian maestros have reproduced a stunning 56cm x 56cm platform and field for the ultimate chess battle. We have added the 1851 antique and ebony chess pieces and walnut chess box, this trio certainly makes a statement. 

A superb set of antiqued classic boxwood and ebony chess pieces, what we believe to be one of the finest Jaques of London chess set patterns circa 1849-55. This magnificent set would grace any living room or office and would be the perfect gift for the statesmen, chess enthusiast or chess collector alike. This stunning hand-carved chess set has embellishments pioneered by Jaques of London which include the kingside stamping (see images)

The board is sublime, antique maple and walnut squares with a black border. 63mm square size - superb in every way. Storage box is also included in the offer. 

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