Italian Monarch Ebony Burl Root Luxury Chess Set

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The Best Chess Set For Collectors 
Italian Made Chess Board 

This chess set oozes quality and would grace the presence of any home or office. The mesmerising chess pieces of this set have been perfectly matched to an outstanding 23" Italian-made chessboard. The large square size compliments the chessmen and offers a visually pleasing centerpiece. 

The natural wood grains, (or birthmarks as we like to call them), of the tree, really offer uniqueness, this means that each board in our inventory of this style, is slightly different from the other, offering the owner a wonderfully unique purchase each time. 

This chess set really would suit the avid chess player, collector, or anyone who appreciates fine craftsmanship. Each chess piece is weighted for perfect balance during play, as well as being lined with billiard cloth bottoms that offer seamless glides across the wooden chess platform. 

King: 4"
Chessboard: 23"

Weighted Chess Pieces
Billiard Cloth Bases
23" Chessboard 
Hand Carved in Italy
2 Additional Queens as Standard

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