Colombian Imperial Mahogany & Rosewood Chess Set & Box

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Complete Chess Set and Storage Box
Rosewood and Mahogany Wooden Chess Set 

If you are looking for a luxury chess combination that comprises luxury, affordability, and quality, then look no further, the 17.75" Colombian Imperial Chess set has it all!

The king of the chess pieces stands tall at 3.75", but it is not to overlook the fierceness of the knight of this chess set, that in our opinion, steals the show on this occasion. The knights' aggressive demeanour originates from his strong-looking mane, which stands rigid along the back of the knight's strong, sturdy neck and his pricked ears. He truly is a remarkable steed, that is ready to take on any battle. A true pleasure to conquer the board with.

The chess pieces have been hand-crafted from boxwood and rosewood and paired beautifully with our 17.75" mahogany and sycamore chessboard. This chess combination boasts a chessboard, chess pieces, and a Sapele chess piece storage box too.

King Height: 3.75"
Chessboard: 17.75"

Luxury Chessboard
Premium Quality, Hand-Carved Chess Pieces 
Sapele Chess Storage Box

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