1849 Antique Black & Walnut Chess Set

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Luxury Wooden Reproduction Chess Set 

Staunton Inspired Chess Pieces 

The 1849 luxury chess set oozes class, with its incredibly detailed chessmen and a 21" Walnut Maple Chessboard, this chess set combination is wonderfully aesthetic and practically perfect to play with. 

The attention to detail in the carving of the knight is excellent, these hand-carved chess pieces really are sublime. Our team of artisans have worked wonders in recreating this early 1849 Staunton design.

Each chess piece in this combination is core weighted and lined with luxurious felt, which makes moving across the chessboard platform a breeze.

King Height: 3.75"  Base dia. 1.77"
Chess Board: 21"

Hand-Carved, Core Weighted & Felted Chessmen
Walnut Maple Chessboard 

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