Walnut Classic Acacia Chess Set

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Classic Staunton wood chess set. It is not only a striking set, but is a bargain for the price.
The king stands 3 inches tall. The knight has the traditional raised head--ears perked, teeth bared and nostrils flared--ready to do battle!

The dark side of this set is made from acacia and boxwood hardwood. The light pieces are made of Boxwood hardwood. The pieces all have felt bottoms. Typical to fine wood, the grain and color may vary slightly from piece to piece. Treat them as you would fine furniture. Avoid leaving them in direct sunlight and store them in a humidity stable area.

Chessmen supplied in a standard wooden box

This our entry-level walnut chess board has been expertly crafted using walnut and maple veneers. It has clean and crisp inlaid squares a robust chess board that will provide years if not decades of use.

3.00 Inch King Height, weighted, and felted pieces.

Board Dimensions
15.75 x 15.75 x 0.6 inches
Width of Playing Squares 1.5 inches