The Queens Gambit Tournament Chess Combination

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Chess Sets For Schools & Clubs
Tournament Chess Sets For Beginners 

Our Gambit Tournament chess combination is used in Chess Clubs and Schools Worldwide! This combination features solid plastic chess pieces and a high-quality roll-up vinyl chess board and storage bag- perfect for packing away and taking with you to school or chess matches at your local tournaments. 
This combination is not only perfect for chess matches in schools and clubs but would make the perfect learning area for those who are new to the game of chess.

King Height: 3.75"
Vinyl Chessboard: 55mm Square Size

4 Queens
Tournament Size
Roll-up Mat with 55mm Squares Inclusive of Notations for Beginners and Juniors
Cotton Storage Bag

(Our stock board colours are, black, green and brown and will ship according to availability at time of order.) 

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