Red Erable Italian Elite Chess Set


£321.75 £495.00



Elite Chess Set Made In Italy 
Quality Wooden Chess Pieces  

Looking for luxury? look no further, our quality red erable wooden chess set, hand-crafted in Italy has it all! Measuring at an impressive 20", the board is a masterpiece in itself.

The grain of the burl is majestic and contrasts beautifully. Presented in luxurious high-gloss, that makes gliding pieces across it a pleasure - this chess set really is a work of art.

Coupled with sturdy, original Staunton style chess pieces, this set oozes luxury.

The set boasts 34 chessmen, the rules of chess booklet, a cleaning cloth, and a massive three-year quality warranty as standard.

King Height: 3.25" 
King Base:1.5" 

34 Chessmen 
1 Rules Booklet
Three Year Warranty
Cleaning Cloth
Luxury Italian Chess Board and Pieces

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