Grand Acacia Executive Burl & Mahogany Chess Set & Box

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Grand Acacia Executive Burl & Mahogany Chess Set  
Hand Crafted Wooden Chess Sets 

The Grand Acacia Executive Burl & Mahogany Chess set is a popular choice and often purchased by budding chess players and collectors alike. The relatively low price, and luxuriousness of the combination, make this superb chess set extremely appealing.

The quality is uncompromised and the chess set features beautifully hand-carved and perfectly sculptured chess pieces, that have been designed and turned by the finest of our artisans. 

These wonderfully delicate chessmen look delightful on our Mahogany chessboard and sit perfectly in the hand made Walnut Burl veneer chess storage box.

If you are looking to buy a chess set online that ticks all the boxes, know that you will not be disappointed with the Grand Acacia Executive. 

King Height: 3"
Chessboard: 17.75"

Hand Turned & Carved Wooden Chess Pieces
A delicate take on the Staunton design
Weighted & Lined with Luxurious Felt
Walnut Burl Chess Storage Box
Mahogany Wooden Chessboard

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