Italian Monarch Ebony & Walnut Chess Set & Case

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Premium Quality Chess Set
Cushioned Chess Storage Box

A gorgeous combination of traditional and unique, this chess combination is eye-catching, sexy, sophisticated and an absolute perfection to play with. 

The natural wood markings are simply stunning accompanied by a charming border and finished in high gloss, this chessboard oozes class. 

The expertly hand-carved chess pieces featured in this chess combination are weighted and are finished with high-quality billiard cloth bases that make for a seamless transition across the high-gloss chessboard, that perfectly mirrors the reflection of each piece.

This beautiful chess set comes with a fabulous, cushioned, and split lined felted rexine box to ensure your stunning chess pieces stay safe, at all times. 

King Height: 4"
Chessboard: 22"

Weighted Chess Pieces
Billiard Cloth Bases
Rexine Storage Case
Hand Carved in Italy
2 Additional Queens as Standard

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