20" Italian Deluxe Red Erable Chess Board

ChessMaze UK

£226.85 £349.00



Red Wood Chessboard  
High Gloss Finish

Stunning Italian red-stained erable veneer chessboard, 20 inches in width, and presented in a beautiful high-gloss finish. The grain of the burl is outstanding and offers an eye-catching contrast of colours.

A light ebony inlay surrounds the playing area of the board, which would look absolutely perfect paired up with Ebony or similar dark chess pieces.

Hand-crafted in Italy, our artisans really have gone the extra mile to ensure nothing but a high-quality finish.

This Chessboard would look wonderful with some of our smaller luxury chess pieces that have a base width of 3" and above.

Board: 20"
Playing Square Width: 1.9"

Hand Made in Italy
High Gloss Finish

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