20" Italian Deluxe Blue Erable Chess Board


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High Gloss Chessboard  
Wood Veneer Chessboards

This mesmerising chessboard has been finished with a luxurious gloss that oozes luxury. Constructed from veneers of blue erable and light maple woods.

This board would suit chess pieces with a king height of 3.5" in either Ebony or Ebonised Boxwood.

If you are looking for a chessboard that really does catch the eye of all who glance, then this is it!  A guaranteed show stopper - this prestige chessboard really does have it all.

Meticulously handcrafted in Italy, our artisans really have gone the extra mile on this one. 
Board: 20"
Square: 5cm

Hand Made in Italy
High Gloss Finish

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