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Mahogany & Acacia Wood Chess Set
Hand-Carved Chess Pieces and Board 

The Imperial Mahogany and Acacia Chess Set comprise stunningly hand-carved wooden chess pieces, a high-quality playing board, and a wooden storage box too.
This chess set would make the perfect addition to any chess player's collection. Our artisans have really gone above and beyond with the detail on these chess pieces, the knight, in particular features excellent woodwork skills with its detailed mane and wonderful facial expressions, and intimidating steed, to say the least. 

Carved from premium Acacia and boxwood and married perfectly with our stunning 17.75" mahogany and sycamore chessboard, a beauty of a chess set that will undoubtedly capture the eye of all who see it. 

No chess combination would be complete with a quality storage box, which is why we have included our charming Sapele storage box to complete the aesthetic of this chess set. 

King Height: 3.75"
Chess Board: 17.75"

Hand-Carved Wooden Chess Pieces 
Wooden Chess Board
Sapele Storage Box

box style/colour may differ on stock availability at the time of order 

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