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Traditional Staunton Chess Pieces
Hand Carved Wooden Chess Sets

The British Series Chess Set boasts a fine set of Traditional Staunton Chess Pieces that have been expertly handcrafted using the finest hardwood and polished boxwood. The dark pieces of the chess set have been created with stained and polished ebonized wood for a truly remarkable aesthetic.  

A great chess combination that you would most usually see used at chess tournaments. The chess pieces feature a king of 3.75" and each chess piece has been weighted and lined with luxury felt pads for ease of movement across the playing field, a true pleasure to play with.

These magnificent wooden chessmen have been matched perfectly with our European-made Maple and Walnut Chessboard. 

King Height: 3.75"
Chessboard: 17.75” 

Wooden Chess Pieces
Maple and Walnut Chessboard 

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