Acacia Walnut Winchester Chess Set

ChessMaze UK

£213.85 £329.00

Solid Wooden Walnut Chess Set
The Best Tournament Chess Set

Typically Staunton in design, this chess set is suitable for all playing styles, it is even suitable for grandmaster tournaments!

This beautiful chess combination features natural grained acacia wood and expertly crafted chessmen that are pleasantly weighted, for a high-quality feel. 

The expertly-crafted chessmen have been perfectly coupled with our walnut and maple chessboard. Together, they make for a truly eye-catching combination.

Just when you thought this chess combination couldn't get any better, it also comes with a natural teakwood, acacia or walnut finish chess box to complete the luxury aesthetic.  

Solid Wood
Hand Crafted
Chessboard, Storage Box, and Chessmen 
(On availability, box style may vary)  

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