4.5" Gallant Knight Prestige Ebony Chess Pieces

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Gallant Knight Prestige Chess Pieces
With Luxury Storage Case 

These luxurious chess pieces have been intricately hand-carved in that of a traditional Indian wedding-styled steed.

A timeless and elegant classic that has been personally endorsed by the renowned sculptor Avtarjeet Dhanjal who has previously carved precious heirloom woods. 

The main feature in this design is the knight's head position, inwards which is an extremely difficult task for the artisans to accomplish. The stunning design of this set is unparalleled. 

Beautifully housed in a quality twin-tier felt-lined presentation case for the full luxury aesthetic. 

King Height: 4.5"

Hand Carved From Luxury Woods
Designed By World Renowned Artist: Avtarjeet Dhanjal
Luxury Base Pads
32 Chess Pieces With Two Additional Queens
Certificate of Authenticity

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