17" Acacia Classic Walnut Style Chess Set


£107.22 £164.95


Natural Boxwood and Acacia Chess Pieces
Hand Carved Chess Pieces and Board

Natural Hand carved and turned Staunton Chess pieces. A classic combination which features the recognizable down head Staunton style knight. Core weighted pieces with soft felt bases for ease of playing.

Our fully lined 17” Walnut and Maple design chessboard matches these stunning pieces perfectly.

An ECO-friendly constructed board made from solid and stable MDF core.
A lovely combination which would grace the presence of any home.

Supplied with a  wooden box for storage purposes. 

please note due to its indicative nature of hardwood, chess pieces shades do vary from set to set 

King height is 3.00"
A full tournament size of 17" x 17" with 1.75"

Made with quality woods
Comes with Chessboard, Chess Pieces and Storage Box ( box style may vary depending on stock)

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