1849 Antiqued Ebony Solid & 23" Acacia Ebony Chessboard

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1849 Anqitued Chess Set  

The Best Jaques Reproduction Chess Set Online

The holy grail of chess sets; The 1849 Antiqued Ebony Chessmen and Acacia Chessboard...WOW, we don't even know where to start with trying to describe this beauty! 

Our team of in-house designers and artisans have worked tirelessly to produce a perfectly precise 1849 Jaques of London reproduction chess set and though we may be biased, we would go as far as to say this is the best available on the market, with plenty of reviews to back us up. 

The attention to detail is astounding, the intricate carving of the knights, in particular, is nothing short of incredible. The finish of these hand-crafted and turned chess pieces is remarkable, it's hard to differentiate the original from the reproduction in this instance.  Our dedicated team has worked wonders in recreating this early 1849 Staunton design, even down to the mottled antique patina, a truly mesmerising, authentic chess set. 

Married perfectly with our superb 23", hand-made, solid Acacia Ebony and Maple Chessboard - The set is seamless and would grace the presence of any home or office.

King Height: 4.4"
Chessboard: 23"

Hand Carved Chess Pieces
Hand Crafted Wooden Chess Board
Core Weighted and Felted Chess Pieces

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